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Scorpio Full Moon Illuminates the Mystery

I don’t know how long I can do this, he said.

I think the universe has different plans for me

and we sat there in silence and I thought to myself

that this is the thing we all came to and this

is the thing we all fight and if we are lucky enough

to lose, our lives become beautiful with mystery

again and I sat there silent because

that is not something that can be said.

Story People

A water sign, Scorpio is the deep waters that the sun does not penetrate. What moves beneath the surface is not readily visible. The desires, yearning and compulsions that operate beneath the light of consciousness compel and drive us in a particular direction.

The Scorpio Moon on May 7, 2020 shines a light into the dark places, into the desires, secrets, denials, and fears that often operate without our knowledge. With deep feelings stirred, we have a rare eye into the truths that lie deep within ourselves and in the world we have created.

Scorpio is the realm of secrets and mystery, and it is the penetrating gaze, the probing questions we ask and the urge to get to the root, to the seed truth of what is happening. As we embrace the Scorpio invitation, we can feel powerlessness and the power associated with sexuality, intimacy, money, death, trust, betrayal and the secrecy that envelops these issues. What is hidden has power over us and can zap our energy. When faced and brought to the surface, renewed vitality results.

Feelings are running deep and strong. The Full Moon is the third Super Moon in a row, meaning the Moon has moved as close to the earth as it can in its orbital path. The close proximity of the Moon to the Earth over the last months reflects the building of emotional intensity. Full Moon’s have added intensity when they are in water signs and especially so when in Scorpio. Scorpio wrote the book on intensity...and on passion.

We are likely to feel great passion, both pleasant and unpleasant surrounding a person, a cause, a dream, a virus. If we move beyond the object of the passion and turn inward to reflect on what fuels this passion, we enter the mystery, the dark of how we are wired and what motivates, compels us to act and respond as we do.

Hope begins in the dark,

The stubborn hope that if you just show up

And try to do the right thing,

The dawn will come.

Anne Lammott

The Sun in Taurus, opposing the Moon, has us seeking solid ground and practical results. We feel the tension between the desire to stabilize (Taurus) and the call to move with change and invite transformation (Scorpio). Feelings need to be harnessed and channelled into constructive action says the Taurean. Yet, the light of the Scorpio Moon call us to set down the task we are doing, embrace the passion that is surfacing and the intensity around it, and for a moment let go of some desired outcome. By not trying to satsify the desire, or channel the feeling but to just experience it, we embark on a journey to a destination unknown within us.

The opportunity will be lost if we minimize, numb or explain uncomfortable feelings away or if we blindly put effort into changing the external conditions that have upset our equilibrium. Feelings are associated with water. Rather than trying to rationalize our feelings, we can move with them, letting them carry us, like a river that carries us downstream. The way to resolve the feeling is to give way for the experience of the feeling to lead us to the truths, to the intimacy, and into the mystery.

Scorpio gives us the ability to give focused attention, to zero in on fulfilling a desire by any means possible. Scorpio is interested in power, and so we have to be mindful to seek empowerment rather than power over – It is not just about power over another person that we need to be mindful about, but power over our feelings..even power over our fate as a compensation for feelings of powerlessness. To accept the potential of Scorpio, we embrace the mystery that power and control are an illusion, and through this journey discover true power and empowerment.

You know what my secret is?

You see,

I don’t mind what happens.


Compassion and Forgiveness for Ourselves and Others

A truly beautiful aspect to the Scorpio Full Moon is its relationship with Neptune. The penetrating gaze into the depths is accompanied by a feeling of compassion for what we find and a willingness to forgive ourselves and forgive the weaknesses of humanity.

Compassion does not preclude speaking up, setting boundaries or making a stand. Yet the actions we elect to take are better supported when we come from a clear and loving place. At this time, we are further supported to communicate the deep truths, we are observing and discovering, with a generous heart and an eye for pragmatic understanding (Mercury sextile Neptune and opposing the Moon).

For the collective: there will be even more news coverage of secrets being exposed. The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that forms the backdrop for the Full Moon is about power dynamics, the bid for power and the reckoning of those in power. Scorpio rules the great wealth that lies beneath the surface, this includes oil, coal, and diamonds. The bid for power over these resources, and the current selling of the national parks in the U.S. for mining purposes, are areas where new information and secret dealings are made and also exposed.

The Full Moon Kicks off a Period of Introspection and Inquiry

The intention for the collective's evolutionary growth shifts on May 5 as the Lunar Nodes shift from the Cancer/Capricorn axis to the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This initiates an 18-month process where we develop ways to engage others in generative conversation that precludes a willingness to have our own beliefs come into question, and to revisit the definitions of the truths we live by.

Venus, Jupiter and Saturn turn retrograde the middle of May, inspiring further self-reflection and a period of r