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The Pisces Full Moon Invites Connection

May the stars carry

your sadness away,

may the flowers fill your heart

with beauty, may hope

forever wipe away

your tears, and, above all,

may silence make you strong.

Chief Dan George

The Pisces Full Moon September 1 and 2 Heightens Our Sensitivity

Pisces is the realm of dreaming, the oceanic sea of potentiality. All life emerges from and eventually returns to its limitless waters. Giving ourselves time to engage in moments of silence, creative acts, flights of imagination, encounters with nature or states of deep rest will carry us to this place that is no place where something can emerge from nothing and our life can be fed in a vital and beautiful way.

During the Full Moon, and in the days that follow, the imaginal forest beckons us to discover a pathway to an intimate contact with the numinous, the great mystery that lies within the seed of creation. We know we have if we are feeling connected and in some way ecstatic. Here the feeling of separateness subsides, compassion for ourselves and all life flowers, and we recognize the love that permeates our existence. In this place that is no place, miracles occur when we soften our beliefs about what we know and open to what has been waiting in the wings to reveal itself. We have only to slow down and quiet ourselves to receive it.

During the Full Moon, the Sun is at the opposite end of the sky from the Moon, creating a tension, a polarity that seeks resolution. With both the Sun and Mercury in Virgo this month, we are motivated to make decisions, manage our time, enact plans, and seek productive results to support our goals.

We may feel that it is up to us to make something happen and simultaneously feel it is beyond what we know how to do. This is where the Pisces Moon comes in. The silvery light of the Moon reminds us we, in and of ourselves, are not sufficient to make something happen. And if somehow we decide to muscle through, the stress caused by this can effect our sleep, digestion and sense of balance. A eternal well of support is available and we are to tap into it.

The kings and dictators and mighty of this world

Accomplish their work with speeches and drums

And brass and the thunder and bombers.

But God works in silence.

Thomas Merton

All of creation, everything we see, hear and feel sprang, initially, from nothing. The stars, planets, mountains, our car, job and morning cup of coffee…all arose from the limitless source at the heart of the universe. There are many names for this creator energy: God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Allah… The name we use gives us a way to address, call in, and establish an enduring connection with that supremely divine essence of love that has makes and remakes.

If we belief, if we trust, that this creator energy has produced the seasons, humanity, and the earth’s orbit, it is not such a big leap to trust that this creational force is coursing through us, moving us brilliantly towards fulfilling our soul’s purpose and reason for living. We can inhibit this flow with the Virgo tendency to categorize, control and think that it is up to us to create our destiny. The Pisces Moon reminds and invites us to soften the stronghold of our thinking mind and to have our mind be infused with the impulse and movement of the divine.

If you touch one thing with deep awareness,

you touch everything. --Thich Nhat Hahn

The Pisces Moon invites the intimacy of connection. When control has been surrendered, we can encounter what is hidden in plain sight. From this, inspiration and renewal abound. The Virgo energy can then function as a rudder to channel what we are receiving into right action. The alternative is to ignore the small whisper of an invitation and doggedly cling to a closed mind that is hyper-critical and judgemental, over thinking and over doing, that continually generates a fear that no effort will ever meet its lofty expectation. So, let us first seek the experience of feeling connected with all creation, and from this vantage point our thinking mind can more readily perceive the appropriate next steps.

A Dynamic Interplay of Planets Support Dreaming a New Reality

My bones are mountains. My tears, rushing rivers. The earth’s crust is my skin. Trees adorn my head. The sun, moon, and stars Are in my eyes. The ether of the Universe is my breath. Separateness is an illusion. I am all things and all things are me. -Anya Phenix

Our Thinking is Stimulated to Fix and Expand, Focus and Surrender – All at Once!

Mercury (cognitive thought), forms multiple aspects (relationships) with the outer planets. Mercury is one of 6 planets in earth signs reflecting our impulse to establish or a more solid footing. Attuned to the sweeping societal changes (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn) our linear mind is actively formulating ways to concretely move forward to build and rebuild. Discerning and pragmatic, we value what is functional and will produce results. We are eager to nail down the plan and formulate concrete next steps.

We can take advantage of our mind's powers of concentration to