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Pisces Full Moon - Become Inspired!

“The greatest influence you can have on any situation is to be the presence of love.” Louise Hay

The New Moon on August 20 featured all five personal planets in Virgo. Now two weeks later, four of these planets are still hanging out in Virgo, with Venus and Mercury at the final degree intensifying the Virgoan movement towards discernment, order and practical accomplishment. The first half of September has been infused with energy that fuels our focus to practical matters. We have been encouraged to apply meticulous attention to the ordering of some aspect of our lives – to organizing, analyzing, cleaning out, or simply getting something done.

Arriving at the middle of September, the Moon has traveled around the sky to a position opposing the other four planets in Virgo to create the dynamic tension of this Full Moon.

Pisces, as a water sign, is the primordial ocean of pure potentiality. It is the cosmic waters from which all form emerges and returns. The Moon joins with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, to accentuate Piscean sensibilities that bring added dimension and fluidity to all mundane matters, to cause and effect, and the empirical functioning of Virgo.

7 of the 10 planets are in earth signs and 7 planets are in in mutable signs

Earth is the shape and form of things, manifest reality. Mutable signs are about fluidity and specialize in adjusting and shifting to the flux of circumstance. We have the potential here to bend reality in some small and significant way.

The clay of our lives, with a little bit of water, becomes pliant and susceptible to the hands and vision that shape it. Reality bends with the waters of compassion, feeling, creativity and imagination we pour into it. Nothing is as solid as it seems. Plans are not as set as we thought and our perspective on something is apt to shift.

Pisces brings the magic, the unexplainable, introducing that something beyond what we know or understand. It is the experience of the ecstatic that happens when we are connected to that moment where something emerges from nothing. It is the joyous feeling of being connected to something larger than the self or with what we see in front of us. The Full Moon of Pisces can provide a profound connection with the divine, where we experience a surge of creative inspiration, or find our imagination quickened. We know when we are in it because we feel a great surge of love moving through us.

The shadow side of the Piscean experience is that we can get seduced and swept away by the connection with the ecstatic and lose touch of mundane reality. In spiritual practice or in giving ourselves to an artistic creation, we will seek the experience of losing all sense of time and place as we are absorbed in a meditation or in following the creative impulse. The question arise: When do we come back to mundane reality, to the responsibilities of our life, such as eating, sleeping, paying bills, fulfilling obligations? And do we need to come back? We can become confused between which reality feels more real. We can feel subsequently confused or disillusioned straddling or trying to marry different dimensions of reality. Within this, our viewpoint of manifest reality can be greatly altered or distorted, and how do we know if it is inspired or delusional. Pisces is also the energy of insanity and drug addiction. How do we remain engaged with the ecstatic or with an expanded sense of reality when we are all still learning and navigating how to successfully incorporate and integrate these experiences into our daily lives?

Now, there is probably less chance of getting too carried away by the ecstatic experience of Pisces unless there is a predilection for it in our individual birth chart, and more likely that we will find it challenging to open and allow ourselves to have the Piscean experience. The degree to which we do not open to it, we will simply experience confusion. And when we do open to it, because of Neptune’s presence and its current square to Jupiter, it is beneficial to write down new awarenesses, to discuss them or create a painting with the creative juice that flows, but it is advised that we delay taking concrete action to implement the inspiration into our lives until several days after the Full Moon. There is a potential for misinterpreting or misunderstanding what the inspiration means. Clarity will arrive following the Full Moon.

The pull to keep our focus narrow, to stick to the plan, to complete what we have set out to do - reflected by the four planets in Virgo. These four planets are trine Pluto and Saturn, so the work that we are wanting to do is likely about structuring or restructuring something new in our lives, and we feel a drive to keep it all moving forward.

Yet, if we elect to focus our attention only in the direction of what are committed to completing, without allowing for interruption, we may find ourselves worrying and become anxious about getting the job done well. We may suddenly feel dried up or have a bout of sudden confusion. The Virgoan value for perfection may be exacerbated and we will feel compelled to make something perfect, then subsequently worrying, feeling guilty or getting sick to our stomach that it isn’t going to be perfect. This is a sign that the clay of what we are creating is become hardened and it is time to moisten it with creative imagination, divine inspiration or the lovingkindness of Pisces.

The potential here is to resolve the inherent tension between the Virgoan and Piscean urges. The integration of the two within us will allow us to stay grounded and focused on results while infusing the activity with deep feeling, love and renewed inspiration.

Compassion is a keyword of Pisces, providing added sensitivity, empathy and kindness towards all life. If we approach daily tasks (Virgo) with a connection to the compassion for what we are serving, then much can be achieved through this Full Moon, and we will experience great joy in doing what we elect to do.

So, let’s loosen our grip on the reins of what think we want to achieve, feel the love of why we are doing what we are doing, and be open to grace and beauty helping guide and feed the results of our actions. In this, we can rekindle the connection between heaven and earth, the divine and the material, so that who we are and what we do is enlivened with love.

The Full Moon is aligned with the constellation of the Phoenix

The Phoenix exemplifies a pioneering spirit. It is the mythical creature that can rise, like a flame, from the ashes of what was lost. It reminds us that there is more than what we know, more than what we see, and that there is new possibility, perhaps something even magical, that can emerge in the midst of what we are doing or planning.

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