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March 20 Spring Equinox: A New Flowering

When you do things from your soul

You feel a river moving in you,

A joy.


The Spring Equinox each year occurs as the Sun moves out of Pisces and arrives at 0 degrees Aries. It is the moment when the seeds we have been nurturing break ground and begin to grow.

Equinoxes and solstices happen when the sun comes to 0 degrees of a cardinal sign – 0 Aries (Spring Equinox), 0 Cancer (Summer Solstice), 0 Libra (Fall Equinox) and 0 Capricorn (Winter Solstice). Cardinal signs bring initiative, new beginnings and movement forward.

The promised beginnings of the Spring Equinox on March 20 are shaped and defined by the planetary dynamics that accompany this day. This key dynamics of this year's equinox are:

  • Our feeling nature is accentuated. We have clarity about what we like and dislike. (Moon trine Jupiter)

  • Accentuated awareness of feelings is marked by some confusion around interpreting the meaning we associate with a feeling (whether its excitement, dread, anger or love). Our imagination is strong, but we are challenged in our ability to discern what is realistically possible versus mere fantasy. (Moon square Neptune)

  • We are apt to forcefully assert our ideas and desires. It is beneficial to be cautious about being combative or defensive. (Mercury square Mars)

  • This is happening the context of a year-long friction between the old and the new. We are experiencing a drag on our impetus to move forward. The vision of how we see the future taking shape is frustrated by resistance. The old and familiar ways of living is more entrenched in our thinking and ways of operating than we would previously have thought.(Saturn square Uranus).

The Sun moves out of the Piscean waters on the Spring Equinox. This past month, especially the March 13th New Moon offered a preparation period that is allowing us to successfully harness the powerful energy of the Equinox so that we experience momentum and movement towards realizing our plans.

In January and February 2021, our thinking processes were accentuated. Multiple planets occupied Aquarius, and our focus was directed towards the future, where a vision took shape and we formulated ideas to create a world we want to live into. Jupiter and Saturn are still traveling in Aquarius, encouraging us to continue shaping a vision and refining it to meet circumstance. The downside of this, is that we can all too easily get caught in our heads with an excess of mental activity.

Look deep into nature

And then you will understand

Everything better


The Pisces New Moon on February 13, 2021 and the week that followed helped balance out the effects of so much Aquarius thinking. We were invited to sink into our feelings, allow our eyes to soften and not seek to bring everything into focus. Like an impressionist painting, we were encouraged to let definitions blur and allow our vision to soften. We had an opportunity to sink into another way of seeing, and open to something beyond our five senses

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and marks a time of endings, transitions and beginnings. Pisces is the water sign of the primordial ocean, an endless sea of creative potential - the place that is no place where all creation emerges and returns. In this realm, the rational mind is lulled into a kind of sleep and we can encounter other dimensions within and without. We see the world more as a dream, a stream of images and circumstances that are strung together with symbolic meaning. Here we relinquish the illusion of control and receive life as it is unfolding.

In the last weeks, we may have felt more sensitive, more in touch with our feelings. We may have been more aware of the interconnection between ourselves, others and the world around. Creativity was heightened. Compassion was stirred . We could feel into the larger plan unfolding for ourselves and humanity. We were invited to recognize that it is less up to each of us to make something happen and more to recognize that we are part of a much larger symphony being played out. The events, dreams, visions, heartache and experience of the last year dissolved in the waters of Pisces. From these waters, we re-emerge ready to bloom anew at the Spring Equinox, and ready to pick up the reins and enact our will in a balanced way.

Last Week: Four Planets Conjoined in Pisces: The Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune

The Piscean experience was further accentuated as Venus and Neptune rode with the New Moon. We may have felt confused or a brain fog when trying to make decisions, or think with any kind of precision. We may have felt we were living in an altered state of mind.

In the last days, we were invited to let go, to surrender or at least soften our grip on the reins. Immersed in the waters of Pisces, we were being renewed. It was not a time to push forward or rush anything, but to allow an unraveling, a releasing. We were opening to what wants to enter our lives, rather than telling the universe how we want it to bend to our will.

The mystical realm was more available than usual. The mystery of life beckoned. It was a potent time for meditation, for spiritual practice and for connection with the Divine. It is something we can return to or draw upon as we now venture forth into the Spring Season.

The Spring Equinox Emerges From the Renewing Waters

We feel the fire of Aries and the surging energy of Spring moving through us. The visioning, the letting go, the ruminations of the first months of the year are coalescing into an inspired course of action. The astrological dynamics of the Spring Equinox remind us that we are likely to encounter obstacles. We are to remain patient and steadfast as we keep our eye on the North Star (where we wish to go). When we get overheated, slow down. When we feel angry or defensive, slow down. We can watch where we dig in our heels and where we can practice flexibility as we continually monitor and discern the next steps to take that will move us towards a desired future.


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