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Libra New Moon - Tending Relationship

Updated: Jun 13

The New Moon on September 28 is an opportune time for setting an intention to take initiative to heal, nurture and spark the sweet spot of relationship.

Relationship comes in many forms. Our minds tend to jump to romantic love but Libra encompasses all relationships where we are establishing trust and sustained connection. We may also easily jump to setting an intention to deepen or heal our relationship with ourself, yet it is good to remember that Libra is about the need for getting to know another. With four planets traveling through Libra at this New Moon we are encouraged to initiate and connect with those we seek a deeper or more authentic connection.

Mirrors are associated with goddess archetypes that express the Libran energy of love, beauty, and harmony. Aphrodite is often seen gazing into a mirror. In this spirit, we are invited to deepen our connection to ourself through interaction with another, allowing that ‘other’ to function as a mirror in which we can engage ourselves and our connection to life in a clear way.

There can be breakthroughs in communication, the sharing of ideas, and generating clarity and flow of communication that has been previously stuck or stunted. We are feel emboldened to speak up and speak from our heart about what we desire with Mercury and Venus conjunct and squaring Jupiter.

We are looking for ways to have our love flow, to love and feel loved.

Pathways open for the love between us and another to be one of beauty. It will not happen automatically but from a decisive step or conversation we take towards fostering greater harmony with our key relationships.

Libra, ruled by Venus, wants to merge, wants to please, wants to accommodate those we love. And yet, we are also wanting freedom, freedom from constraints that have stifled our love as the New Moon is quincunx Uranus. In relationship, we can look at agreements with a fresh eye. We are looking for greater connection, and yet with this connection, increased permission to move in a more spontaneous, authentic way. Pathways can be forged that deepen commitment and yet simultaneously free us up. Our minds can be opened to what seems like a paradox where commitment and freedom can co-exist and feed each other.

This may be an opportune time we meet a new partner – in romance, in business, in our healing. Depending on the dynamics in our personal chart, there is room for love to bloom anew!

October, overall, is a month supporting forward movement and taking decisive action. With the New Moon boasting 7 planets in Cardinal signs (Aries, Capricorn, Libra Aries) - signs associated with taking initiative and instigating new beginnings. We are compelled to get on with it, to put plans into motion, to move out of the comfort zone of the familiar and embrace our pioneering spirit.

Saturn’s Presence

Saturn is also prompting us to take action and move our life forward, as it recently began moving direct again, and yet it brings a more sober, grounded flavor to the pursuit of love.

Annually, Saturn spends roughly 5 months retrograde which serves to slow us down. In a world culture that rewards and encourages perpetual fast forward motion and achievement, delays and detours can be frustrating or have us feeling discouraged that life is not going at the pace our mind has decided it should go. Yet it is the very detours, delays and adjustments to plans that occur during a Saturn Retrograde that can serve us in the long run, even if we don’t understand why things are happening the way they are. That said, Saturn has turned direct once more, putting wind beneath our sails to lay the track, give shape to the dream, and see plans actualized.

As Saturn emerged from its retrograde phase, it stationed and is hanging out with the transiting South Node, the point in the sky that characterizes the karmic signature we are working with to unravel as a collective. Saturn’s forward movement is bringing a tail wind and its current alignment with the Capricorn South Node, is cuing us that it is time to change our approach and patterns of how we relate to power in relationships. As we initiate a new direction, we are looking to not create or recreate what we already know, but to find a new way to hold responsibility, act from integrity and relate to authority – both how we hold authority and relate to others who hold authority.

Saturn will continue to travel through its own sign, Capricorn for another year, and as it approaches the conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter, this planet of rules, boundaries, structures, we come face to face with the reality of what we have created, individually and as a culture. We will likely find desirable results when we avoid magical thinking in favor of a more practical approach, with a willingness to be accountable for what we are sowing and have sown in our lives.

The New Moon cues us how to boldly forward in a good way

Joy, Love, Art, Beauty, Harmony, Intimate Satisfying Connection. Our desire to have these things more fully is fueled by the strong Libran presence.

And while we are encouraged to put plans into action, the New Moon energies tell us that it is essential that we do this in relationship with others. It is not a time to go it alone. With the squares to Saturn in Capricorn we are looking less for an ecstatic experience of love, where the ground shakes, but the kind of love built on trust and shared agreements, that support and empower us to fulfill the dreams of what we want to create at home and in the world.

Our desire to be more spontaneous, to heal the part of us that loses ourselves in relationship, where we have compromised ourselves into submission is activated with Chiron in Aries opposing the New Moon. Again, we are exploring how to feel closer to someone without losing ourselves, how to merge with another and yet feel more ourselves than ever before, and how to create agreements that are more freeing and less confining.

Let us take a bold step to explore how we can fully be ourselves, not compromising values we cherish while engaging in a deepening the relationships we have, so we move forward with life plans with love in our heart and a feeling that we are in this together.

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