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Libra Full Moon: Sow Peace

When we create peace,

and harmony, and balance

in our minds,

we will find it in our lives.

The Full Moon on April 6, 2023 at 16 Libra inspires us to find equilibrium.

We have the opportunity to restore the balance between our masculine (Aries) and feminine (Libra) natures - between self-assertion and self-awareness, between achieving our dreams and being comfortable in our body, between self-determination and inviting collaboration. Our self-confidence is being strengthened (Aries) so we can more generously respond to and consider others (Libra).

We can acknowledge where we have healed, where dynamics that have previously been triggering, no longer fluster us. Similarly, we become aware of what still needs healing and look to tend to the dis-ease that prohibit our full participation in life. Overall, the Full Moon is a soft, compassionate energy that supports us in discovering how to move through life in a way that engenders greater peace within ourselves and all we engage.

The first weeks of April are restorative, allowing us to address where we are out of balance. We look to activities that foster peace in our hearts and have us comfortable in our body. This will bring renewed clarity about what is important. We are also afforded this the time to integrate the massive energetic shifts of March (Pluto and Saturn changing signs) and be ready for the shifts that the upcoming eclipse season (April 19 and May 5) will initiate.

Sun conjunct (and Moon oppose) Jupiter and Chiron

Uranus quincunx the Moon

Full Moon Ruler Venus is conjunct Uranus, sextile Neptune and in a Grand Trine with Ceres and Pluto

Mercury and North Node at Apex of a Kite Pattern

Pluto square the Nodal Axis

Mars is Out of Bounds at 0 Cancer

People say

walking on the water is a miracle,

but to me

walking peacefully on Earth

is the real miracle.

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Mirror is a Symbol of Libra

Libra is the sign of our relationship with the ‘other’. We see ourselves reflected in our interactions with the world. Our relationships mirror the level of peace, inner conflict, divisions and wholeness that we possess.

The Libra Moon reminds us that we don’t need to do it all ourself. We are to find ways to share, talk things through, and communicate with others about our plans, challenges, and how we have grown, then be open to what is offered in response.


Areas of discord within a given relationship may be accentuated, pointing out something we are ready to resolve within ourselves. Old wounds surface to be felt, worked through and integrated so that we are at peace with our past, what has shaped us, and with who we are now. In doing this, we reclaim ourselves and strengthen our confidence and self trust. We are invited to own and feel at peace with our life.

The Scales are a Symbol of Libra

When Libra’s Scales are in balance, there is fairness, order and harmony. The Libra Moon, currently at the opposite end of the sky from the other planets, affords us objectivity. We can readily identify where we are out of whack and see the steps to take to restore our equilibrium.

The Fulcrum Point Between Libra and Aries

The Libra Full Moon is sandwiched between two potent Aries New Moons (The first occured on the March Equinox, and the second is a Solar Eclipse on April 19) providing a countermeasure to a bonfire of Aries energy that has inflamed our warrior and fighting spirit. The Libra Moon diffuses Aries' highly assertive energies so we can hear and respond to the wisdom of our body and heart which will assist us in moving forward in a harmonious way.

Self-Assurance Opens the Doors to Greater Engagement

Planets in Aries and opposing the Libra Moon: Sun, Jupiter, Chiron, Eris and Vesta

Creating a Value-Driven Life

There is an abundance of warrior, fighting energy that has been surging (Aries). We can feel the life-affirming energy of Spring budding and blooming within us after a period of dormancy. There is also an abundance of Taurus energy (Venus, Uranus, North Node, Juno, Sedna) that compels us to simplify our life so we experience greater stability and ease. We are honing in on our core guiding values to clarify our North Star. Taurus and Aries are side by side in the sky, and the combined energies of the many planets moving through these signs is guiding us to confidently build our life on the strength of what we value most. The Libra Moon assists this process by offering an objective view of our life’s dynamics. We can step back, or even away, from areas in life where we have been overly involved or overly attached.

Mars, ruler of Aries, is Out of Bounds (outside the 23 degrees north or south of the ecliptic path) through the rest of April. Our assertive energy, desire to be independent, and instinct to color outside the lines of expectation or blaze our own trail, is amplified. After Mars' 8-month sojourn in Gemini, our way of thinking and communicating has had the opportunity to mature. Mars has finally moved on and resting on the world axis at 0 Cancer, we become warriors to ensure our safety and security.

Healed Confidence Unlocks New Potentials

Multiple Planets Conjunct in Aries

Sun conjunct Jupiter. Confidence surges and there is an enthusiastic desire to achieve something. Our focus is direct and efficient. We trust our impulses. We are supported in moving through issues of self worth and in tending to the wounds that may surface from an interaction (Sun/Jupiter conjunct Chiron).

Sun conjunct Chiron. Health issues (physical, mental, spiritual or psychological) may flare up.

We are in a multi-year process to heal what has undermined our confidence and ability to trust our impulses without second guessing ourselves. Now ready for the next leg of this journey, we are assessing where we are in our healing process: affirming where there is a completion with something we have been tending to, and then setting an intention for how to address present health issues for the next year (The Sun in its annual conjunct with Chiron). We are ready to turn a page in our healing journey and in the story we tell ourselves about how we have arrived at where we are. We are ready to make peace, let go of blame or regret, and simply give our focus to what is life-affirming and will create a feeling of wholeness.

Sun Conjunct Eris and Vesta. The Goddess of Discord (Eris) conjunct the Eternal Flame (Vesta) are everpresent. We cannot erase discord from our lives, neither can we put out the divine spark that enlivens us. It is not about erasing conflict, but learning how to move with the world as it is without having circumstance upset our equilibrium. Discord is not necessarily an unfortanate occurence, and is usually introduced as an antidote to address what is already of of balance. The presence at the these two asteroids at the Full Moon reminds us to tend to that divine spark that lives within. The inner fire, our heart song, can then be trusted to guide us in how to respond to discord, or in whether to trust the impulse to initiate discord as an effective means of addressing a restrictive situation.

Moon Opposes 5 Planets/Asteroids in Aries

We are offered a more expansive and objective perspective on what is happening. This serves to dissipate self-absorption and selfishness that can all too easily result from an abundance of unchecked Aries energy. Abundant self confidence and unwillingness to compromise what lights us up are gifts of the Aries energy during this time. The Libra Moon is interjected into this, to gently but firmly, have us take a step back and see the bigger picture. We are are to look outside ourselves to consider others’ viewpoints and what the world is mirroring to us. The fire for what drives us to achieve, create, or secure is tempered so that we can also move from our heart and with love. Differences in relationships may surface and peace may feel unattainable at this time, but we can more readily see what needs to shift within us so that we are not so triggered by the differences that present themselves.

You are only afraid if you are not in harmony

with yourself. People are afraid

because they have never owned

up to themselves.

Hermann Hesse

Getting Comfortable in Our Body

Full Moon Ruler Venus in Taurus

Venus conjunct Uranus, sextile Neptune and forms a Grand Trine with Ceres and Pluto

Venus powerfully influences the Full Moon dynamics by softening and tempering the gung-ho-assertive Aries energy. We are drawn to feel comfortable in our body and enjoy the sensual pleasures that earthly life offers. We look to engage in activities that please our senses and bring us in touch with nature. We look to make decisions that ensure material stability and ensure solid ground beneath our feet. That said, we may strongly feel that the way to do this is to exercise the freedom to explore potentials that require a leap of faith and take us out of our comfort zone (Uranus conjunct Venus) to get embrace a financial opportunity or welcome a sudden romance. We may feel compelled to break away from routine or some pattern that is stifling us (Uranus quincunx the Moon).

Venus Sextile Neptune. Our compassion and loving nature is accentuated. We are more forgiving of ourselves and others, which has us quiet self-protective and suspicious thoughts in favor of love and connection. We are inclined to forgive ourselves and others, and trust our earned wisdom. There is a generosity of spirit that has us inclined to extend care and kindness.

Venus in a Grand Trine with Ceres and Pluto. Venus' invitation is further amplified by a deep desire to move towards love and to what hold a promise of deep nurturance. The Earth Grand Trine brings an ease with how we extend care to what we love. We are also instinctually attuning ourselves to a shift taking place (Pluto in Aquarius) and making adjustments to better greet what what is coming around the bend.

A Certainty about Living Emerges

Mercury and North Node at apex of a Kite Pattern

Our mind (Mercury) is focused on establishing clarity and simplicity (Taurus) in our approach to life. The Water Grand Trine (Mars, Saturn and the the South Node) has us listening to what feels good in our body. We kinesthetically are moving more from what feels intrinsically good, even if we cannot yet articulate or rationally define our approach to something. We are supported in putting plans in motion in a healthy, balanced and sustainable way (Mercury sextile Mars and Saturn). We may even feel a certainty about some way to move forward, but it is not strong or forceful. There is an ease in how we can put into place frameworks or infrastructure now for what we feel called to build and realize in our life.

Readying for Substantive Change

Pluto square the Nodal Axis and Mercury

Pluto brings transformation. The Nodal Axis points to the past that need to be released so we can reach for future potentials. Both Pluto and the Nodal Axis changing signs at the same time and squaring each other through July, point to seismic shifts in the collective and how society functions. We may need to respond to shifts happening in the larger world. Or, if we have planets at 29, 0 or 1 degree of a sign, we may find this is a year of substantive change in our life.

At this time, our minds are especially challenged to open and deepen (Pluto square Mercury). Secrets can be exposed as well as truths we have not wanted to face. We are being pushed to move beyond fears or patterns of denial that keep us from clearly seeing ourselves, the world, and the potentials available to us.

Change your inner thoughts

to the higher frequencies of love,

harmony, kindness, peace, and joy,

and you’ll attract more of the same.


at this Full Moon, I invite us to listen to the wisdom of our body and let it guide us to how we can find equilibrium and peace within ourselves so we move through our days comfortable in our body and open to engaging more deeply in relationship with others. We can engage talk to and include others in what we are feeling, seeing, mulling over. It is not about doing everything ourselves. By seeking ease, we can discern what makes sense and what doesn’t make sense about the story we tell ourselves about our past, where we are now, and where we hope to go. We can have new clarity about how to best move forward so that we are aligned and prepared for shifts that are on the horizon.

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