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Libra Full Moon: Powering Up Relationship

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Today I will choose love.

Tomorrow I will choose love.

And the day after that, I will choose love.

If I mistakenly choose distraction, perfection,

or negativity over love, I will not wallow in regret.

I will choose love until it becomes who I am.

Rachel Macy Stafford

The Full Moon on April 16, 2002 at 27 Libra

propels us to sow harmony in our relationships. We are opened to a fresh way of seeing, loving and understanding ourselves within the context of our engagement with others. The Libra Moon inspires us to cultivate fairness, consideration and diplomacy as the bases for achieving balance and beauty in relationships.

The Sun in Aries, and the Aries emphasis with multiple planets traveling through this fiery, assertive sign over the last weeks, we have felt emboldened to be self-determined, to not compromise our freedom to follow our impulses, and to courageously assert what will work best for us. The Full Moon now challenges us to look beyond our own needs and desires to collaborate and consider the impulses and inclinations of others.

The Libra Full Moon invites us to listen to and respect what others are wanting and needing. In essence, the opportunity to stand in ourselves and to nurture and enhance our own personal power these last weeks prepared us to better partner with others in a new way that further empowers the relationship and each person in the relationship.

It is opportune to connect with and have conversation with others. Listening to what others have to contribute, we discover an expanded perspective within a given relationship or situation. While Aries is all about looking out for number 1, Libra reminds us that human beings are not meant to go it alone. So, once we feel grounded in ourselves and our inclinations, we can successfully engage in the necessary collaboration and compromise of relationship.

..the running your fingers like a prayer

over every bit of the world, saying quietly

with every breath, thank you

for this chance to love.

Brian Andreas

Working with Power in Relationship

Pluto Forms a T Square with the Sun and Moon

The issue of power and how it is wielded in relationship comes to the forefront. We are to ask ourselves: how are my relationships empowering and in what ways are they disempowering?

We may experience power struggles with others at this time. Patterns where power is being abused may be accentuated. We can see power dynamics more clearly and discover the root cause of what has us susceptible to getting hooked into a power struggle.

We are being prodded to make a change in how we engage others. To make the needed shift, we are prompted to let go of something. It may not be easy to release what needs to be released. But it will become clear what is needed if we assume full responsibility for our relationships, be honest about what we can handle, and consider the big picture and future direction of the relationship.

Pluto is the first planet the Sun's rays don't reach, so it is in the dark and correlates to what is dark or secreted away within us. Secrets may be revealed at this time, even secrets we have done our best to keep from ourselves.

We can allow the love in our hearts to guide us in our discussions and with decisions. If we abstain from making the other wrong or at fault and look within ourselves to the patterns and ways in which we helped created a disempowering dynamic, we will discover something new about ourselves. If the desire to control, be right, or be defensive can be quieted, we can access a deeper movement for how to create harmony within ourselves and the well-being of a relationship.

We may feel impatient, wanting to go against the river, as we yearn to sidestep the tension we may be experiencing. It is to our benefit to view the tension as a friction needed to bring about a desired change. Something is coming to a head that needs to be worked through, so it is advisable to simply feel the discomfort and welcome the sensation of the tension. To make room for the shift that is wanting to happen, we may need to slow down, listen and pay attention so we don’t race past it or gloss over it - which may only result in reinforcing old ways of relating that no longer serve us.

The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest...

The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.

David Whyte

New Connections Take Root

Full Moon in Trine/Sextile to Saturn

Saturn's positive influence here will help sustain and concertize the new openings we experience now in relationships. Our ability to rewrite patterns that have ensnared us in domination, submission, self-protection or blaming others, can be permanently rewired in some essential way. There is great potential for establishing ag