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Leo Full Moon: Power Surge

When you start to crack open,

don't waste a moment 

gathering your old self up

into something

like you knew before.

Let your new self

splash like sunlight

into every dark place

and laugh and cry

and make sounds

you never made

& thank all that is holy

for the gift for now.

You have no choice but to let

all your love

spill out into the world.

Brian Andreas

Leo Full Moon: Be the Center of Your Life

The Full Moon of January 25, 2024, at 5 Leo

brings us into our heart so we can discern how to move with the powerful visioning energy that is surging. 

Mental activity is high (Pluto conjunct the Sun in Aquarius). Our mind might be fired up with a political notion, a social movement, some potential that is opening in our families or communities, or a vision for our careers. We can get caught up in the formulation of ideas and future plans and may be compelled to boldly assert or defend some concept.


The Leo Moon brings the energy down into our body so we can be aware of how the ideas have us feel and if they inspire us to love. Letting our love guide the shape of plans and assertions, we can find a balance between the head and the heart so that actions we take draw from the well of our creative potential, talents, and what personally lights us up.


Full Moon Ruler: The Sun conjunct Pluto

Jupiter square the Full Moon and Pluto, sextile Saturn and trine Venus

Earth Grand Trine: Mercury and Mars trine Uranus and Juno

Cardinal T Square: Mercury and Mars square Chiron and the Nodal Axis square

Mutable Grand Cross: Neptune, Juno, Vesta and Ceres


Full Moons are the peak moment of each lunar cycle when something in our life reaches a culmination point. In the days leading up to the Full Moon, there is a feeling of increased momentum, activity and pressure. At the Full Moon, emotions and tides run high. Something is coming to a head through a crisis or breakthrough, and a desired resolution can be achieved. During the two weeks following the Full Moon, we are completing a movement, a cycle and distilling the wisdom from the recent lunar month, so we are ready for the invitation of the next New Moon. 

Leo Full Moon: Be Guided by Your Heart

It matters not who you love,

where you love, why you love,

when you love, or how you love.

It matters only that you love.

John Lennon

The Aquarian Season


Sun conjunct Pluto in Aquarius. We entered the annual Aquarius season with a bang as Pluto and the Sun moved together into Aquarius on January 21. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius signals our readiness for a revolution in how we live and the future we will collectively create together. It was as if an electrical power surge moved through and with it can the impetus to be innovative, forward thinking, and look for alternatives that are 'out of the box' from how we have been operating.


Stellium in Aquarius. The upcoming New Moon on February 10 will be in Aquarius. Within days after, we will see a stellium in Aquarius, meaning five planets will be traveling together through Aquarius. Attention and energy will be directed toward the intellect. Cool detached thinking is emphasized that favors objectivity and rationality. We can have strokes of brilliance as we look to radically new approaches for handling issues we currently face. It favors collaboration and shared visioning where we engage in dynamic dialogue. The Leo Moon reminds us to ground ourselves in our heart and to let what is being discussed or thought touch us personally. We can easily become machine-like in how we plan and create. The Leo Moon draws us back into our humanity and to let our joy and desire for how we want to use our talents guide us in how we will participate in the great ideas and solutions being tossed around.


Pluto and Full Moon. Every Full Moon from now until July will involve Pluto. Deep emotion is stimulated so we can do the necessary transformative work to be emotionally prepared for the big shifts that will take place over the next few years. By amplifying our emotional responses to current dynamics, we can better manage and shift our kneejerk responses to unexpected stimulus. Pluto in Aquarius will catapult us into unchartered territory, where our personal and collective lives will be transformed and re-invented.  We are to evaluate and establish a process for how we will nurture and take care of ourselves when we become triggered by uncertainty or surprise developments.


Pluto oppose the Leo Moon brings emotional intensity and instability. The Leo Moon illuminates what we need to see that is lurking just beneath the surface of our awareness (Pluto). We can have insight around the truth of what is operating and how we want or don’t want to participate in it. 


We may become aware of dormant talents and strengths. The innovative and revolutionary energies of Pluto in Aquarius are opening us to a paradigm shift in the way we live. In response to the new and unprecedented potentials, we will meet new parts of ourselves that will be called forth. Some of what we feel is new to us and may feel foreign or unusual. To better understand and welcome what is emerging, we are to listen to our heart’s wisdom.


The Leo Moon brings us into the subjective experience of being at the center of our world. From this vantage point, we gravitate towards what will nurture personal empowerment. We look to light up the world with what we love as we encounter innovative and forward-thinking ideas about how to respond to the increased momentum that portends great change.

Leo Full Moon: Make Love not War

When evil men plot,

good men must plan.

When evil men burn and bomb,

Good men must build and bind.

When evil men shout

ugly words of hatred,

Good men must commit themselves

to the glories of love.

Where evil men would seek to perpetuate

an unjust status quo,

Good men must seek to bring into being

a real order of justice.

Martin Luther King, Jr

Charged Up

Jupiter exaggerates the Full moon dynamics. Feelings are amplified and with it our creativity, ideas and love. We are not to play it small or hold back as we put love into action, ideas into form, and creativity into play (Jupiter square Pluto). We have the potential stabilize what we initiate now as we apply new awarenesses and understandings we have been having (Jupiter sextile Saturn). We have a more mature approach as we look to invest in the growth of what we value (Venus trine Jupiter and sextile Saturn).  Jupiter is inflating the potentials and drive of the Full Moon that may have us feel on overload. Feelings are inflated. Ideas are inflated. The desire to take action is inflated. We may find ourselves more tired, more hungry, more active and may have a hard time having a sound night’s sleep. We are being charged, charged up. The cautionary note is that we monitor ourselves so that we don’t overdo it and bite off more than we can chew.


Confidence to Take Charge

Earth Grand Trine: Mercury and Mars trine Uranus trine Juno 

There is a pragmatic and realistic approach that lends itself to taking sound and effective action. We can move with what we see is ready to be announced or decided. We have a take charge attitude to make things happen - we can sign off on a strategy, make the deal, or deliver a strong communication.

We are inclined to quick, strategic, sound thinking around long range plans (Mercury, Mars conjunct in Capricorn). We can have flashes of insight and brilliance.  Our minds are open to new ways of thinking and looking at things (Uranus trine Mercury, Mars). We are reminded that our best plans, our best insights are made in collaboration with others, and we can be open to inviting new partnerships or new ways of partnering into our life (Juno trine Mars, Mercury, Uranus).


A Cautionary Note

Cardinal T Square: Mercury conjunct Mars square Chiron and the Nodal Axis

There is a potential for old wounds to surface that effect our confidence. We need to be aware of tendencies we have around arrogance, aggression or condescension. Let our self-assurance be grounded in realistic assessments and strategy. Heeding the call of the Leo Moon, our communications can spring from the heart. We can speak from love, rather than our conviction of being right. We may need to slow down to think things through so that we do not say something that we will need to clean up later.

Leo Full Moon: Creativity is Intelligence having fun.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein

Honor the Great Mystery

Mutable Grand Cross:  Neptune, Juno, Vesta and Ceres

The Mutable Grand Cross reminds us of our vulnerability and ways we can honor the sacredness of life, even amid a power surge that compels us to create, speak, and assert. The Grand Cross challenges the turbo charged masculine assertive energy of the Full Moon.

The planet of the Great Mystery (Neptune) is in a dynamic relationship with asteroids that exemplify the feminine archetypes of Partnership, Devotion and Nurturance. It is all too easy to let the value for the gentler, sensitive side of ourselves to slide by the wayside while we take the bull by the horns to make things happen. There is much to be gained by bowing to the Mystery and taking time to listen to how it is moving in and through us and not charging forth believing we have the answers or that we are solely in charge. By tending what we hold as sacred (Vesta) and looking to truly nurture the growth of what we love (Ceres) we will also find the flexibility to make adjustments around what life and our relationships (Juno) reveal to us. It is not a time to go it alone but to open to others and trust the Mystery to help us realize our creative potential and to find the avenues where our love can be expressed in full measure.



Leo Full Moon: Move to the Pace of Your Heart

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