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Capricorn New Moon: Build It!

If you want to be happy,

set a goal that

commands your thoughts,

liberates your energy

and inspires your hopes.

Andrew Carnegie

Capricorn New Moon: Laying Bricks. One brick at a time.

The New Moon on January 11, 2023, at 21 Capricorn

brings our goals to the forefront, encouraging us to give generous attention to what we want to achieve. It is an opportune time to create a realistic and attainable plan and to stick to it. We can tap into our readiness to build something in a disciplined, practical, and structured manner. If we lack clarity around what we are to build, the New Moon provides the added boost to finding the path that we are to commit to that will lead to success and fulfillment.

New Moon square the Nodal Axis, sextile Neptune and trine Uranus

Fixed Star Deneb conjunct the New Moon

New Moon Ruler: Saturn sextile Jupiter and Mars

Venus trine Chiron trine North Node


The New Moon is the optimal time each month to set an intention for what we will initiate and grow in the coming month. The area of life primed for a new beginning is revealed by the nature of the house in our natal charts where 21 Capricorn resides. Those of us with planets between 18 and 23 degrees of a Cardinal sign (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra), will likely experience a stronger impetus than others at the New Moon to take concrete steps to take concrete action to realize our goals.

Capricorn New Moon: Industrious. Skilled. Disciplined. World War 11 Women take on manual labor

When you are purposeful

and take daily action,

more opportunities come

into your life.

Believe and build more.

Wesam Fawzi

 The Road we Have Traveled

The Capricorn New Moon occurs with minutes of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that happened on the 2020 Capricorn New Moon. We are experiencing an echo of the 2020 New Moon that catalyzed powerful shifts in our lives and the life of the collective. It is beneficial to reflect on what we have been through since the onset of the pandemic and recognize how our life and viewpoint has changed since then.


As 2024 begins, we are ready to initiate something that has grown out of the changes, realizations and learnings over the last four years. Our priorities and plans have been shifting based on what we now identify as essential versus what is merely a distraction.

There has been a strengthening of our sense of authority over our own lives and a willingness to be accountable for the nurturance and care of what we wish to grow. There is a sense of having come full circle with this Full Moon and with this a renewed confidence in knowing the seeds we are ready to plant and cultivate for the long-term. It is opportune to declare what we will build and how we will begin.

A Tail Wind

Fixed star Deneb conjunct the New Moon

Deneb, The Tail of the Eagle, is a fixed star in the constellation of the Aquila. We can look to calling in the energy of the Eagle as we give ourselves to the tasks and plans of January. It can be beneficial to contemplate the attributes of the Eagle and open ourselves to embodying its powerful spirit.

Eagles are laws unto themselves, majestic and given to bold action. They soar high and pursue their target with precision and one-pointed focus.

Altair’s presence with the New Moon bestows hardiness, courage and generosity. It inspires us to be brave, assertive and naturally seek action, rather than inaction or stillness. The shadow side of Altair’s presence will occur if we move to fast and get ahead of ourselves, which can lend itself to foolhardy or reckless action. We are to feel grounded and strong within ourselves when make the move to initiative some new venture.

Capricorn New Moon: Blacksmith shaping metal. Discipline and dedication to build something substantial.

If the world is to be healed

through human efforts,

I am convinced

that it will be

by ordinary people,

people whose love

for this life

is even greater

than their fear.

Joanna R. Macy

Planetary Alignments Amplifying the New Moon Invitation


Uranus trine the New Moon. We are ready to take a risk. Uranus seeks liberation and a radical departure from the norm. There may be something we have been dancing around, hesitant to make our move. The New Moon lights a fire under us to get on the with it and to take a leap of faith towards something we are ready to dedicate extensive time and resources to see realized. It may be a new lifestyle habit or something around our finances. Capricorn rules the realm of career, so it may be the time to launch a new venture within our professional life.


Neptune sextile the New Moon. Trust in the divine movement of our life. We act with a sense of faith in ourselves and in what are to achieve. We are not to overmanage it or map out every detail. We are simply to articulate the vision and commit to a course of action. We can have the basic outlines but leave enough space for the universe to contribute to the shape and movement of how it unfolds over time.

We are cautioned to not overthink things; inspiration and clarity come less from the rational mind, which may actually be confused at this time, as we benefit most from trusting our intuition for how to make our next move (Mercury square Neptune).


New Moon square Nodal Axis and Chiron. Exercise Patience and Allow for Shifts in our Direction.  We are to pace ourselves, not get ahead of ourselves, so that we can embrace a change of direction that may present itself.

  • We are encouraged to be level-headed and strategic in our plans and actions (Capricorn Moon). 

  • We are to curb the tendency to become impatient and the desire to gloss over details and just get on with it (Aries North Node)

  • Our courage is being renewed (Chiron in Aries square the Capricorn Moon).

  •  Our belief in ourselves and our potential has become stronger than the trauma or fear of getting hurt that kept us small (Chiron stationing direct conjunct the North Node). 

  • We can recognize how we have matured over recent years and instead of taking risks to compensate for some form of insecurity, we can remain mindful and trust ourselves to respond effectively to circumstances that emerge. In this, our actions reflect our growth in being able to better respond and be response-able, rather than reactive, overprotective or coming from a victim mindset (Capricorn Moon square the Nodal Axis).


Capricorn New Moon: Woman doing carpentry. Create a plan and make it happen.

If it's a yes in your heart,

stop second guessing it.

Just go for it.

Hiral Nagda

Staying Power   

New Moon Ruler:  Saturn sextile Jupiter and Mars


Saturn reflects the structure, agreements and commitments in our lives and holds us accountable to them. It rewards disciplined, pragmatic effort. In Pisces, Saturn reflects a process we are undertaking to discern the real from the unreal, and the delusional fantasy from the true vision. 

Areas of life we thought were sustainable and lasting are proving fallible to time and may be disintegrating. We may be going through loss and disillusionment as we re-orient to what is essential and re-adjusting our priorities around what will endure. We recognize activities that are diversions from the essential and are rooting them out. This may include spending or financial habits that will not serve us in the long run. Substantive results will be found in developing a relationship to the divine and listening deeply to the messages that arise from deep attunement to our soul's desire.


As the New Moon Ruler, Saturn brings our attention to our long-range goals, nurturing our inclination to delay instant gratification in favor of the promise of what can be built over time with sustained, disciplined effort.


There is every indication that we will stick with someone we initiate in January (Saturn at apex of sextiles to Jupiter and Mars). The house where 20 degrees Capricorn falls in our individual natal charts show us the arena where we are ready make a new commitment, and an initiative that reflects our sense of worthiness and is a departure from past patterns that have not served us.   


Jupiter in Taurus (May 2023-2024) is supporting new grounding in our life. We have experienced growth and in what we assign value. Through this, our self-worth has simultaneously increased. The new growth may be seen in how we use our resources, steps we have taken to increase our financial stability, or in new ways we are affirming and utilizing our gifts and talents.


Mars, exalted in the sign of Capricorn, inspires steadfastness and staying power in relation to something that we begin now.


Mars trine Jupiter. Mars provides initiative and Jupiter brings growth. In earth signs, they are looking to what is realistic and realizable. Together they spark enthusiasm, confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude. And with Saturn in a harmonious relationship with the two, we can be quite industrious in January. We are intent on building something. We are ready. It is time.  We can let the energies of this New Moon give us the boldness, the belief in ourselves and the hutzpah to get on with it.


Capricorn New Moon:  Shoemaker giving attention and care to his work.  Build it with love.


The universe only pretends

to be made of matter.

Secretly it is made of


Daniel Pinchbeck

Our Heart is Healing and Opening

Venus trine Chiron

Chiron makes several connections to planets during this New Moon which points to a time where there is a culmination around something we have been healing. The exact trine Chiron makes with Venus is notable in that it catalyzes a heart opening. We may feel a deepening of our self-acceptance and validation around the healing work we have been doing.

In Sagittarius, Venus is primed to be optimistic and ready for adventure. We are primed to be inspired, enthusiastic and lean into our earned wisdom to guide us forward.  We are to recognize where we may not be acting from self-love and make adjustments so that our words, plans and actions are fueled by love.    


Approaching the End of January

Until January 20, we are finding our grounding and setting the course for the year.  This is all preparation to meet the big shifts on the horizon.  Pluto will move into Aquarius on January 20, marking the moment the collective launch into a new era. This shift will be given added potency as the Sun joins Pluto in the shift from Capricorn to Aquarius. Soon after, Uranus will turn direct, signifying a readiness for pivotal change. At this point, all planets will be moving forward which indicates that the pace of our lives will pick up pace as we seek to realize our plans.

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