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Capricorn Full Moon: Decisive & Purposeful

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Beautiful days

Do not come to you.

You must walk toward them.


Capricorn Full Moon June 24, 2021

The sure-footed Capricorn Goat confidently scales the mountain with perseverance and patience. With a goal of reaching the summit, she gives her attention to the rock, curve and shape of the terrain just in front of her. With the Moon in Capricorn we become equally as serious, determined and ambitious. Drawing forth our inner goat, we look for a challenge big enough to call forth the fullness of our being, talents and strength.

The Full Moon invites us to evaluate our present course of action and make adjustments. Every year begins when the Sun is in Capricorn, marking a time of resolutions and of looking ahead to discern the shape of the year ahead. Halfway through the year there is a Full Moon in Capricorn, giving us the opportunity to assess the terrain we have traversed the last six months, to reshape plans and recommit to the goals of what we want to achieve by the year's end. It would serve us to write down our 6-month plan and list our priorities. We may even want to share this with someone and ask for their encouragement and support.

Capricorn, a cardinal sign, is predisposed to taking initiative, and assuming the lead on a project. The presence of the Capricorn Moon stokes a readiness within us to take a decisive step forward in commitment to a course of action. It is beneficial to create a six month plan for ourselves now with realist goals that allow for slow and steady implementation.

We sober up with the Capricorn Full Moon. Going with the flow and seeing what organically wants to emerge has its place in life, but not with a Capricorn Moon. Capricorn offers a weightedness, bringing us down to earth, where we can take a serious look at ourselves, our plans and our dreams. We may feel somewhat like an astronaut who has been enjoying the weightlessness of being in outer space (i.e. in our heads, in our imagination or contemplating our navel), and now we must adjust to the gravity, the constraints and the slow pace of how things come to happen living on earth. There are benefits to feeling heavier and more serious. We arrive in the here and now, feeling our feet on the ground, and potentially inspired to face and meet terrestrial reality.

We are being energized to recommit to our goals. We feel more grounded and motivated to get things done. We can better discern options, see what needs adjusting, and degerming what needs to go to the back burner of our priorities. Chances are we cannot do everything we thought to do and there are decisions about what to let fall away for now. There is clarity about the big picture and where we are going that helps us see what activities are essential and what are not central to reaching out long-term goals. We are to make decisions now about where to give our time, money and attention.

Mercury Supports the Capricorn Moon in Helping Us Be Decisive

Mercury is stationing direct, having just completed its Retrograde cycle in Gemini on June 23. The introverted tendency of the Mercury Retrograde led us to take a step back to contemplate, research and review our life. Emerging from this six week Retrograde period, we are likely better informed and have renewed clarity about where we are and where we are going This naturally leads to a confidence in setting our priorities and taking decisive action.

Sometimes the smallest step

in the right direction ends up being

the biggest step of your life.

Tip toe if you must,

but take the step.

Naeem Callaway

Saturn Tells us Benefit is Found in Taking it Slow

Saturn is the Ruler of Capricorn and so what it has to convey adds dimension to the Full Moon invitation. Retrograde now until October 10, Saturn’s backward movement indicates that we can expect delays or a slowing down of the timeline we have set for an endeavor. We may feel restrained by circumstance or an outer authority. Rather than give way to frustration, we can be curious about what is made possible by something not happening in the time frame we set for it. There is likely to be a hidden gift. Channeling our inner goat, we can discern that there is no sense in rushing up a mountain slope, as there will certainly be unexpected rocks and bumps. The goat in us would surmise that the strength of an endeavor calls for patient persistence, an ability to pace ourselves and face each challenge one step at a time with a 'can do' attitude.

Saturn Square Uranus. The desire to break out or break away in a substantive way (Uranus) is met with resistance as Saturn reins in our independent and risk taking inclinations . Saturn's square to Uranus throughout 2021 has us feeling conflicted about whether to reinforce and stabilize what we currently have (Saturn) or to reach for greater freedom (Uranus). It feels like an "either/or" not a 'both/and" situation where stability and freedom cannot coexist.

If we can hold that the coming weeks and months are like a stew that needs time to simmer within us, then by the end of the year, we can experience a resolution the tension between the desire to be free and the desire to have control. When we prematurely take a stew off the burner and try to eat it, the carrots, potatoes and other ingredients may have not yet softened and their flavor may not yet blended. Likewise, we don’t want to prematurely try to resolve the tension of what is simmering in our life. The Full Moon does encourage that we take decisive and clear steps in the direction of our goals now, and Saturn tells us to not be rash, impulsive or take too big a leap. We want to know that there is solid ground for the steps we now take.

Saturn Trine to both the North Node and Mercury reinforces practical and clear thinking that lends itself to locking in a course aligned with what we want to accomplish. Part of this process will include rethinking our priorities as we recognize we may not be able to accomplish everything on our plate and some activities will only serve to distract us from what needs our attention.

If you have built castles in the air,

Your work need not be lost –

That is where they should be –

Now, put the foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Jupiter Brings an Expansive and Spiritual Perspective

Jupiter is in Pisces May 13 to July 28 and then will remain in Pisces for most of 2022

Jupiter Sextile the Moon and Trine the Sun

Jupiter's direct relationship with the Full Moon brings added potency as the planet is stationing, readying to turn Retrograde. Jupiter is the planet of growth and so we are likely to be feeling increased optimism about our long-range plans.

Jupiter in Pisces Enhances our Connectiveness to the Spiritual Dimension of Life having us feel more sensitive, emotional, and empathetic. We may experience disillusionment as we connect to deeper truths and formulate a vision for the future that is spiritually meaningful.

Jupiter is expanding our awareness to see the big picture. An expanded cosmic perspective has us rise above the nitty gritty of current circumstance to better understand the hidden design of life. The heightening of our feeling nature will not confuse but bring a needed ingredient for finding the clarity needed to take decisive and sure-footed action.

It is not enough to be busy…

The question is:

What are we busy about?

Henry David Thoreau

Mars’ Boldness is Challenged and Redirected

Mars in Leo has us feeling greater courage to do things in a big way and to follow our instincts about what will bring us joy and fulfillment, but Mars is being slowed down and asked to consider the larger context for the actions he is inspired to take.

Mars has found himself caught in the Saturn/Uranus square, in a stressful relationship to both of these planets. We may suddenly feel like we have run headlong into a wall (Mars square Saturn) and simultaneously feel like being rebellious, rash and impulsive as a way to assert our own independent spirit (Mars square Uranus). We are being slowed down by Saturn so we can more deeply consider each step we are taking and we are simultaneously being asked to consider the big picture and open our minds and eyes to a more expansive goal or approach to a goal (Mars square Uranus). This dynamic will be intensifying over the next week and culminate the first days of July. The challenge Mars is experiencing reinforces the message of the Capricorn Full Moon telling us that we are to move forward but to do so mindfully and with consideration to a long-range plan.

In Summary

The Capricorn Full Moon marks the half-way point of the year, prompting us

  • to review what we have been about the last six months;

  • to reassess our priorities and vision for what we want to accomplish by the year's end; and most importantly,

  • to discern what specific changes we are prepared to enact now to help move us toward where we want to be.

This is both a sobering and an expansive time as we look at long-range goals and make adjustments accordingly. The Capricorn Moon brings us down to earth and we take a serious look at our responsibilities and our goals. We are reprioritizing and recommitting to what matters most in the long run. Jupiter’s presence helps expand our vision and sensitize us to our feeling nature. There is clarity and renewed strength of purpose where we feel encouraged to take decisive action with an eye to being realistic and not trying to rush anything . We can be like the Mountain Goat (symbol for Capricorn) who sets her mind to scaling a mountain to reach the summit. In her climb, she does not charge up the mountain but gives attention to where she is placing her foot, trusting that if she finds sure-footing one step leads to the next and with each one she is closer to achieving her goal. May we each do the same.


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