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Aries Full Moon - The Generative Fire to Become

The Aries Full Moon October 13 at 5:07 pm EST is beckoning us to engage our pioneering spirit to blaze a fresh trail.

Step out tonight to behold the Full Moon and feel the generative fire that it stirs within us.

Tides and emotions are high at a Full Moon. It is a time of culmination where energy that has been building and acted upon for the last weeks comes to a head. We can experience crisis, breakthrough, breakdown or completion, depending on what will best serve our becoming.

The Full Moon encourages bold action especially into uncharted territory. As a fire sign, Aries has the confidence to move with and trust an impulse, valuing spontaneity over analysis.

The Moon is our feeling nature. In fiery Aries the effect is a heating up of our emotional nature. What we feel is passion. We are primed to fight so as to satisfy our desire. Passion can be generative or destructive depending on how we wield it. It is beneficial to not quiet inflamed desire but to welcome the feeling of urgency for something we believe in and want with all our heart. To not give way to the destructive potential that lurks in the shadows, we are encouraged to assert ourselves with a value to avoid power struggle, volatile argument, or erupting for the sake of letting off steam. It is about exercising and wielding right use of will.

There is a value for relationship with the Sun in Libra, but the tension at this Full Moon has to do with being able to be authentic and true to what we are feeling without having our fire quieted through compromise and collaboration. It is not simply about striking out on our own but exploring how we can be in relationship without having our passion smothered, unduly contained or snuffed out. We can look for ways relationships can expand and open to allow for the fullness of who we are.

This is not a typical Aries Full Moon. There are powerful forces at play that have us engage the fire in our belly. The Full Moon is in hard aspect to Pluto, planet of transformation. This combination brings to mind an image of a volcano. What we are experiencing is akin to volcanic activity and what is awakening in us is the necessary heat to generate true transformation. In the big picture, lava forms new land mass and brings nutrients that benefit life and the ecosystem. The intensity we feel is the heat needed to break new ground and forge new pathways.

The strength of the desire moving through us, if we welcome it, feel it, trust it, can burn away aspects of our life that have served a purpose but are outworn, with the distinct potential to ultimately lay new ground for us to be more fully expressed and received, bringing added beauty to ourselves and those we encounter.

There are beneficial astrological dynamics supporting us to embrace our fire in a generative way.

Our intuition is heightened. We can receive insight. We are better able to hear and trust inner guidance. (Mercury trine Neptune)

We can more readily see the big picture and formulate a vision for how things can go together (Jupiter sextile the Full Moon)

We are encouraged to take initiative, to begin something new - perhaps with something that may have been too daunting or too out of reach before now (6 planets and the nodal axis in cardinal signs)

If we remain centered and quiet enough to receive and welcome intuition, vision and creativity, we have the ability to hold the reins, be in the driver's seat, and not feel driven by or even a victim to the feelings and desires that are stirring within.

Depending on the tendency we each have to be with strong fiery energy, some of us may shut down, while others will fritter it away through frenetic activity. Some may implode or explode. Mismanaged, it has a destructive potential. We have only look to leaders on the world stage to have examples of how to not manage power and the desire to control an outcome. The challenge is to remain present to what we are desiring and the impulse of how we want to move forward and then embrace initiative and take a clear, decisive, bold step forward.

This Full Moon stokes the fire within. Let us each feed it and find ways for it to move through us to illuminate and bring warmth to our life and to the lives of those we touch.

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