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Aquarius New Moon: Move to the Beat

If a man does not keep pace

with his companions, perhaps

it is because he hears the beat

of a different drummer.

Let him step to the music

which he hears, however

measured or far away.

Henry David Thoreau

Leo Full Moon: Be the Center of Your Life

The New Moon on February 9, 2024, at 20 Aquarius encourages us to listen to and follow the beat of our heart's song.  We are ready to break free of something in order to be truer to ourselves and to embody our ideals.


We experience a mounting courage to more fully be our own person. We may be less tolerant of circumstances or dynamics that inhibit the freedom to be authentic. Relationships may be challenged to adjust to the new sense of freedom we or another is expressing. Aquarius is the sign of community and yet the New Moon may be a catalyst for groups or organizational efforts splintering as individuals decide to go their own way. 


We are encouraged to strengthen the muscle of self-reliance and self-determination rather than look to others for validation or support. We may need to take the next step on our own, to lean into our sense of sovereignty and inner strength. On the world stage, the spirit of rebellion or revolution may be sparked as people rise up in the name of their rights.


The New Moon Ruler: Uranus square New Moon

6 Planets in the fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius 

Earth Grand Trine: Uranus, Venus and Juno

Venus square the Nodes of Fate

Yod: Juno quincunx the North Node and the New Moon

T Square: Vesta square Juno and Neptune

North Node and Chiron sextile the New Moon


The New Moon is the optimal time each month to set an intention for what we will initiate and grow in the coming month. The area of life primed for a new beginning is revealed by the nature of the house in our natal charts where 20 Aquarius resides. Those with planets between 18 and 23 degrees of a Fixed sign (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus), will likely experience the New Moon invitation in a more urgent way.


Leo Full Moon: Be Guided by Your Heart

Security is mostly a superstition.

It does not exist in nature,

nor do the children of men

as a whole experience it.

Avoiding danger is no safer

in the long run than outright exposure.

Life is either a daring adventure,

or nothing. To keep our faces toward change

and behave like free spirits

in the presence of fate

is strength undefeatable.

Helen Keller

Breaking Free

New Moon Ruler: Uranus square New Moon


Uranus is a wild card, volatile and unpredictable. It can inspire revolution, innovation or a movement to break out and away from the status quo. Its energy is electric, and it moves like lightening. It can bring sudden revelations or unexpected surprises. Uranus catalyzes us to get ourselves out of the box we are living and feel the freedom of something more expansive. Flashes of insight or new information that comes to light may be catalysts for some revolutionary action.


Uranus in Taurus stresses self-reliance and self-sufficiency. It is human nature to want stability, but Uranus points to where the stability we are living has become stagnant or offers to future growth. It can snap us out of some hypnotic trance that has us bound to circumstances or people that unduly restrain and disempower us.


Taurus is the sign of finances. There can be insecurity around our finances, especially if we look to strike out and stand on our own in some substantial way. Feelings of self-worth can surface if we have overly relied on others as we respond to the urge to stand more on our own and support ourselves. 


Uranus square the Moon. Our feeling nature (the Moon) may feel like it is plugged into an electrical socket (Uranus). The New Moon is a Super Moon; with the earth closer to the earth in its orbit our emotional nature is amplified. We are emotionally charged up, but we may experience it as strong mental stimulation as Aquarius looks to intellectualize feelings. Our nervous system may feel like it is on overload. We may very well need this electrical charge in order to break away from something and move in a more authentic way.


We are Determined

Pluto, Mercury, Sun and Moon in Aquarius

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus


Six planets in the fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius incline us to stick with something, giving us great determination and concentrated focus. Yet, because everyone is also experiencing the New Moon, we may find ourself in a standoff with someone who is as equally fixed with their ideas, beliefs or viewpoint. 


Fixed planets naturally resist change as they look to stabilize and maintain and so we may feel a resistance the New Moon invitation. We may think it is not yet time, and yet the New Moon may give us a little push to jumpstart the change that is at our doorstep. 


Aquarius and Taurus naturally square each other. 

Aquarius is progressive and altruistic. With four planets in Aquarius, we gravitate towards the big idea and care less about the details around how it can come into being. 

There is a dynamic tension as we look to resolve and utilize both these impulses. We are seeking a way to be grounded (Taurus) as we expand our horizons (Aquarius).  We are to give attention to what is feasible (Taurus) as we ready to take a risk and act on some revolutionary idea (Aquarius). 


Mercury square Jupiter. Our big ideas (Mercury in Aquarius) are bring supported with practical ways to implement and ground them (Jupiter in Taurus). Our thoughts are amplified. It is beneficial to be intentional with how we talk to ourselves, or we may just amplify fear and worry. There is great potential for believing in the vision we want to see happen and creating the map for how to move towards realizing it.


Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on January 21 heralds a time of transformative change, of rebellion, revolution, new technologies and a new vision for the future. To ride the wave of this, 2024 is a time of preparation where we clean house, care for and ground ourselves. There are behaviors or activities that we are release and say goodbye to as we prepare to engage the potentials rising within us and in the world. 

Pluto will not be fully in Aquarius until January of 2025. It will make one last dip back into Capricorn September - November. During this year, we are straddling two paradigms of living.  Capricorn represents Father, patriarchy, hierarchal power and systems. What has been the status quo for much of our lives and our parent’s lives is beginning to dissolve as it gives rise to great Aquarian vision, innovation, and revolution that will change human society. Pluto's entry Aquarius cues us that we are at the doorstep of big changes. 

“It is no use telling me to be calm;

to me that conveys sitting

with my hands in my lap,

looking forward to the broth

we are having for supper…

My soul is a passionate dancer;

she dances to hidden music

which only I can hear… Whatever

police the world may prescribe

to rule the soul, I refuse to obey them.

Bettina von Arnim

Desire and Will

Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto

We seek to work with powerful desire (Venus) and a strong will (Mars) as we move to the beat of the drummer we hear. As these two planets move into Aquarius, the urge to break away from what does not feel true to us is amplified.

Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto later in February. Currently, Venus and Mars are in the latter degrees of Capricorn inclining us to act responsibly and to take care of the business of life. Beginning February15, as they shift into Aquarius, we become more expansive and idealistic. Venus and Mars will immediately conjoin with Pluto which will power up the urges of both these planets.


Venus seeks fulfillment of her values. Her conjunction with Pluto (February 15–17) will amplify our deepest desires around the freedom to be ourselves. Because of the immediacy of the desire, we are to be mindful that we don’t manipulate or control a situation in order to have our desire met in the way we have pre-determined it is to be met.


Mars is the warrior. His conjunction with Pluto (February 21–24) awakens the fight in us. We may feel strong passion and determination to assert our will. If we meet resistance or circumstances that seem to thwart or curb the free expression of our will, we can become volatile. Doing something physical like yoga or walking can be beneficial to move the energy. We just need to be careful to not go too fast or push ourselves too hard that we have an accident.

New Ways of Loving

Asteroids of Love and Healing are Being Challenged

Yod:  Juno in Virgo quincunx the North Node and the New Moon. The asteroid of partnership, Juno is at the apex of a yod, signifying discomfort. There is a call to shift a dynamic within our relationships. There can be some agitation or hesitation about putting ourselves out there, asserting something we want because we are concerned it could upset someone. The desire to serve the wellbeing and harmony of a relationship may be at odds with the desire to stand more on our own two feet, set our own course, and empower our sense of sovereignty. While we look for harmony in our dearest relationships, we are to acknowledge that quieting ourselves or minimizing something we value in order to keep the peace, may not be worth it. We may be willing to introduce something into the partnership that initially causes disruption in the partnership with the goal of finding a deeper, less superficial harmony between us and another.


Mutable T Square: Vesta square Juno and Neptune

Vesta is the eternal flame and the one who tends the flame. It points to where we are nurturing the sacred. The freedom to engage in new experiences where we can learn, communicate and expand our horizons is what we are to regard as sacred (Vesta in Gemini). It is the fire we are to tend.

Juno, the relationship asteroid, is once again stressed. There is a desire to have our relationships go as planned and that we have some control over what happens. But we are more confused than clear at this time, perhaps being overly idealistic about a relationship potential, or on the flip side, seeing how someone has not lived up to our expectations of them (square to Neptune).  Our relationships may need to grow or change to accommodate the authenticity of both people. We may also feel the grief of losing someone in our life that we valued.


Chiron and the North Node sextile The New Moon. We are reclaiming a full confidence in ourselves to live life on our own terms (Chiron and the North Node in Aries).  There may still be some healing work left to do as part of this process. Rather than getting caught up in events or news that has little to do with something we can affect, we are to generously give attention to loving what we have abandoned or disowned in ourselves. We can love ourselves as we are right now. We may never be perfect, but we are enough.


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