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Aquarius New Moon - Brings New Vision

“Be an artist of consciousness.

Your picture of reality

is your most important creation.

Make it powerfully

profoundly beautiful.”

Alex Grey

Aquarius is the sign of the big idea, progressive vision, rebellion of the status quo, and being willing to march to the beat of our own drummer. Ruled by Uranus, it represents the ‘higher mind’, the ability to detach and see the big picture - a picture that encompasses the inherent value in all living matter.

Uranus square to the New Moon further emphasizes the Aquarian sensibility. Because it is in a stressful aspect, our thinking may be erratic. We may experience a buildup of nervous tension that results in unpredictable behavior, abruptness and mood swings. We may feel an urgent desire to assert our independence which can lead to impulsive, rebellious and argumentative behavior.

As the Awakener, Uranus seeks to break through narrowness and rigidity of how we perceive reality. If we lower the volume on our own opinions or view of truth, something new can enter to expand and heighten our awareness of what is actually happening. By catching ourselves when our thoughts are fueling the problem, we can then focus our attention on the solution. If are not hooked inside the problem letting fear, anxiety or futurizing worse case scenarios run us, a light bulb may suddenly turn on and we can see something as never before. We can then be proactive about positive change and circumvent anxiety about the imagined and impending drama and chaos.

The key is to ground the energy coming in. It is as if our mind have been plugged into a light socket. Extra wattage is pouring through us. We are invited to open our mind, exercise flexibility and welcome the unexpected as a gift from Uranus as the Divine Intelligence. In doing this, we have the potential to experience breakthrough, insight and innovative ideas, letting new information change our way of thinking.

"Align your focus with the solution and not the problem." Shakti Gawain

The New Moon compels us to engage, not disengage. We can counteract the Aquarian urge to go it alone, be the loner, or distance ourselves from the community by recognizing the urge comes from feelings of disillusionment with a community whose way of thinking feels small or narrow to us. Yet, we can each be beacons of the Aquarian spirit that creates new pathways within the community to inspire broader thinking within its members.

Living in a Time of Change

As Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter travel together in Capricorn throughout 2020, the shape of our reality will be restructured or transformed in some significant way. We are being urged to simplify our lives. To do this, we each need to identify what really matters and take steps to let the rest fall away. The Western way of life has become burdened by accumulation of possessions, consumerism, and the pursuit of activities that pull us away from the essential human experience. We can ride the wave of the incoming change by choosing to simplify rather than waiting for something to force us in that direction.

January has been a month of action as all planets are in forward motion. It has been event-driven with the opportunity to initiate and respond effectively to circumstance. We will remain in the seriousness and weight of the Capricorn energy for some time, but the New Moon marks a point where the faster moving planets transition into Aquarius. We are encouraged to open to a far-reaching vision for the shape of things to come. The Aquarian mind can assist us in getting down to what is truly needed, not just wanted, and the discernment on how to let everything else go.

In the Window of the New Moon, set an intention that includes at least one of the following:

  • Bring attention to the resolution of a problem with an “outside of the box” approach

  • Consider the future with a hopeful vision, and not give in to doomsday fears

  • Brainstorm and socialize; extend a friendly hand, receive support, and express loving kindness to those around you;

  • Nurture objectivity and some detachment from past hurts and slights so as not to fuel the intensity of emotions.

  • Embrace technology in a new way – learn a new software program that can support a progressive idea and connection with others.

  • Revitalize yourself through experiences that are new or out of your comfort zone

  • Value friendships and social contacts by reaching out to others to strengthen your connection.

  • Let go of habits or ways in which we zone out, escape or drain ourselves of energy and create new habits with regard to self care and generative conversations that affirm and woo our desire to be awake and connected.

Sabian Symbol for the New Moon:

Change "A Council of Elders is Seen Implementing the Efforts of a Young Leader:

This symbolic description speaks to the power of youth and of a new and progressive idea being integrated into the wisdom of what already exists. It speaks of the role of the elders to recognize and incorporate new vision and pave the way for new leadership. It speaks of community and how together we can make progressive changes with our habits and lives.

The New Moon occurs at 9 degrees Aquarius. Where is that position in your own natal chart? Look to activities associated with that house for a more personalized meaning of the New Moon.

Chinese New Year - Year of the Metal Rat

Male Metal is connected to the steel, weapons or strong wind.

Rat contains Female Water, which is connected to rain, dew, placid water, lake or ocean.

Male Metal Rat is a ship in the ocean against the strong wind. Male Metal and Rat together is a sign of rainstorm.

In Chinese culture, the rat is a symbol of intelligence. Due to its ability to survive natural disasters (like earthquakes and floods), the rat was revered as an almost god-like creature by the ancient Chinese. It’s also profoundly fertile, (some rats can have upwards of 2,000 babies in a single year), so they’re viewed as a symbol of abundance. In this context, we can view the common street rat with a new level of appreciation and respect.

The forecast for the Metal Rat Year is one that promises prosperity and abundance. In Western Culture we equate prosperity with money. Given that the Rat is known for tenacity and resourcefulness in the face of adverse circumstances, we might refine our definition of prosperity. Perhaps it means we have access to good food and water, that our friendships provide support and enjoyment. There are many ways in which we have prosperity that we may take for granted. While we may have success with business or with the buying and selling of merchandise, given the tone of the year with Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in conjunction, we may look to the things in life that are priceless, that no money can buy, for finding where our true abundance and prosperity lies.


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