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Mercury Retrograde Feb 16 – Mar 9, 2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Retrograde degrees: 12 Pisces to 28 Aquarius

Mercury is in Pisces February 3 to April 11

(except for a short excursion back into Aquarius

at the tale end of the upcoming retrograde cycle)

Logic will get you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

For the next two months, our minds will be less logical and more intuitive, less empirical and more imaginative. We are given to reflection, meditation, and illuminated insight. This is beneficial time for spiritual and creative endeavors, and less supportive for navigating the business of life and making worldly decisions. It supports focus on our heart and relaxes the grip of the rational mind.

If we simply rely on our rational mind to navigate a day, a conversation, or a decision we may find ourselves confused or momentarily overwhelmed. When this happens, it is an invitation to come quiet within ourselves and let the voice of our heart or the voice of something larger than our ego mind come forth to help us navigate a given circumstance.

While Mercury is Retrograde, February 16 - March 9, the phenomenon described above is even more pronounced. It is advantageous to take this time to review and re-evaluate plans for moving forward. It is a time to take a retreat or engage in an activity that helps renew and replenish our spirit. We can also clean out closets or tie up ends that have been left hanging. Our creativity is enhanced. Lean into the creative impulse over the urge to produce, produce, produce.

We are invited to pause the forward motion of our lives. If we can delay decisions on something, than do. If not, then do the research and due diligence and not make a decision on impulse or from a sense of urgency. Our culture doesn't reinforce the value for 'the pause', for a time to catch up so that we are better prepared and ready for the life that will spring up when Mercury moves forward again.

And with Mercury ending its Retrograde phase in the last degrees of Aquarius, we may find that our vision is renewed and expanded in some vital way because we gave ourselves time to pause, to retreat and regroup.

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