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~ by phone or Skype

~ In person readings offered in Western North Carolina

~ 90 minutes unless otherwise stated - 

     though allow 2 hours so we are not rushed 

~  An mp3 recording of the reading is shared with you.

Readings can be custom fit to your needs 

with added focus given to: Career, Health, Finances or incorporating Location,  Fixed Stars, Asteroids or Life Initiations

Specify any specific interests when responding to an email sent before the reading.

Life Path - Natal Reading

A Comprehensive Reading of the Design of your Life.

Reveals Potentials and Patterns in all areas of life,

Clarifies Life Purpose and what you were born to do.

Recommended for anyone new to astrology and interested in knowing more about what astrology can offer. The reading provides an orientation to the signature patterns of your life interpreted through the symbols and dynamics of the planets. For people who have had a natal reading before, it is periodically beneficial to receive an indepth perspective and overview of your life.

Cost: $170

Current Influences - Transit/Progression Reading

Insight and Perspective on Opportunities, Challenges for the Coming Year.

Practical Steps Offered for Embracing Opportunities and Challenges. 

IKey Priorities are Identified and the Design of the Year Revealed.


This is one of the most popular readings. Many clients receive this reading annually .  Wonderful to attuning to and creating a plan for how to meet the coming months.

Cost:  $170

Relationship - Synastry and Composite Reading

Comprehensive Reading on the Core Dynamics of a Relationship

Understand of how each person operates in a similar or different way,

Reveals how both influence and impact the other.

Receive clear steps to honor the values and needs within the relationship

A relationship can between you and a friend, colleague, life partner, client,  family member or even an organization.


Location - Astrocartography Reading

Dynamics of locations are defined for where you have lived and those  that interest you.

Regions are idenfitied that promise benefical influence and regions to potentially avoid. 

Both Location and Astrocartogrpahy charts are reviewed to understand a location.

Current transits are included to identify optimal times to move or travel.    


Where you live, or even chose to visit, can stimulate a planetary energy that can enhance, strengthen or challenge you.


Picking a Date - Electional Astrology

In choosing a date to get married, launch a new business, or start something that will have lasting consequences, astrology can help inform that decision.

Dates for where harmony and support for new beginnings are found and then

Synastry is used to look at how these dates impact you personally.

The reading happens in two sessions.  A 20-minute intake session is followed by a 60-minute session that proposes dates that are optimal and detrimental.


The Archetypal Myth of Your Life - AstroMythology Reading

Illuminate the personal mythology revealed in your chart. 

The reading identifies key planets, the deities associated with them and the archetypal elements that underlie and enliven your life.

A departure from traditional astrology, the story of your life is seen through the lens of the ancient practices when planets were deities and cultures would divine the deity or deities that bless and give purpose to a member of their village or tribe.

The reading happens in two sessions. The first session is an intake and orientation to mythic astrology with poses questions for you to contemplate.  The second session will outline your personal mythos


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