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Aquarius New Moon: Pathway to the Future

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I am ready to be inspired, she said and I said that is not quite how it works, so instead we sat in the garden, breathing and watching the bees until she smiled quietly and said, I forgot it’s that simple. Story People

The Aquarius New Moon at 23 Aquarius on February 11 is the most significant New Moon of 2021. The year will unfold from the seeds planted at this New Moon - which features a lineup of 6 planets in Aquarius squared by Mars/Uranus in Taurus. Not since February 1962, have we seen a stellium of planets in the visioning, innovative, future-oriented, humanitarian sign of Aquarius. During the month of February, but especially at the time of the New Moon, we have tremendous potential to shape a vision for the future and map out a path to realize our vision. Rather than holding onto, or wishing to return to something familiar, we are being compelled to let go of what we already know, and to turn our attention to creating a future that is a radical departure from the past. Aquarius celebrates authentic expression with the notion that society will flourish when the potential of its members is valued and supported. If a society is made up of the sum of its people and if its people are not living their soul purpose, then how can a society live up to its potential? Each of us is responsible for being true to ourselves and then to help shape a future where society is healed, supported and furthered by a vision that has us fulfilling our highest potential.

We must reclaim the visionary, the utopian, the dream of the better or happier world. These are not childish, or lies. These are the transcendence of men and women— the loss, hurts, realization of mortality we all face— and then celebrate the present life moment also. Joseph Campbell

23 degrees Aquarius is Featured Repeatedly in 2021 and 2022

One by one, planets will quicken and nurture the potential that is unleashed at the New Moon as they come to the very same place in the sky where the New Moon takes place. Venus arrives as 23 degrees later this month and Mercury will pass over it three times by March 10. Jupiter hangs out at this degree three times in 2021 and Saturn three times in 2022. If we look to where 23 degrees of Aquarius falls in our birth chart, we can glean the nature of where we will take a radical departure from the past, and have a glimpse of where we can expect our future to open in a new and exciting way.

Mercury, retrograde in Aquarius (1/30 - 2/20)

passes over 23 Aquarius on January 25, February 5 and one last time on March10

The planet of the rational mind, Mercury has encourages us to evaluate, research and contemplate our future and vision for it. It is not a beneficial time to make big decisions, make ultimatums, or launch a new project. It is time to engage in dialogue about where we are heading and be open to sudden flashes of inspiration and innovative ideas.

Venus at 23 Aquarius: February 20

Aquarius is the sign of friendship and community. Venus encourages us to be social, engage others, and meet new people. It is not a time to go it alone while we refine ideas and shape plans. We are to experience being part a movement larger than ourself - while courageously standing for what we value and not giving into the inclination to conform to another's notion of how we should think or act. We are to collaborate and exchange ideas with authenticity. As we boldly share more openly about who we are and the vision we see, we naturally attract others who resonate with us and can help to realize our deepest desire.

Jupiter visits 23 Aquarius: March 30-April 4, September 17-28 and November 8-19

Jupiter, the Great Benefic opens doors and possibilities. It will give us an expanded perspective of the big picture. Optimism and confidence is fueled. There is tremendous opportunity for growth and learning. It is our job to simply believe in what we hold as possible. Jupiter is the eternal optimist, the grand adventurer and a fierce supporter of living in the realm of possibility. If ever there is a time to give ourselves to the dreaming and aligning ourselves with an ideal future, this is the time.

Saturn visits 23 Aquarius in 2022 on Apr13-26 and July 16 -30, then in 2023 on Jan 6-15

Ever the realist, Saturn will test the soundness of our vision and accompanying plan. It will point out the weaknesses and where the plan needs tweaking. We will be refining our vision, giving it legs and taking responsibility for making the ideal a reality. But that is next year! 2021 asks simply that we let go of the shoreline of habit, venture out of safe harbor and explore unchartered territory. We are to imagine what we have never imagined and conceptualize a future that excites us. And to accomplish this, we are to connect with a wide assortment of people who will serve to help shape and then support the realization of the vision.

One day your soul

will call to you with a holy rage.

“Rise up!” it will say …

“Stand up inside your own skin.”

Unmask your unlived life …

feast on your animal heart.

Unfasten your fist …

let loose the medicine

in your own hand

“Look!” it will say …

the line of life has four paths –

one with a mirror,

one with a mask,

one with a fist,

one with a heart.

One day,

your soul will call to you

with a holy rage.

Ian McCallum

The Luckiest of the Lucky and 23 degrees Aquarius

The fixed star Sadalsuud is a pale yellow star located in the shoulder of the Water Carrier and it is notably aligned with the New Moon. Sadalsuud is an Arabic word that translates as: Luckiest of the Lucky. Linked with the symbolism of the Water Carrier as the bringer of life-giving water, it symbolizes the rains that nourish growth. It is also interpreted as: receiving unexpected and beneficial events, or news. While the Water Carrier is part of the constellation of Aquarius, Aquarius is not a water sign but an air sign. So, the significance of the rain is that it comes from the ethers, from the heavens, from some unidentifiable and cosmic source. It arrives from that mysterious place where something emerges from nothing and it flows into life, takes shape and nurtures growth with its life-renewing energy. This rain cannot be pre-ordered, manipulated or controlled. When the rain comes, we simply call ourselves lucky.

As each of the planets listed above arrive to conjoin with Sadalsuud we are cued to anticipate synchronicities that let us know we are in alignment with the rhythm of life and our soul purpose. We are encouraged to open ourselves to flashes of insight, chance meetings, and something beyond what our rational mind cannot conjure or control. We receive Sadalsuud’s ‘luck’ by welcoming our current experience, open to the opportunity held within what is happening. Rather than label a conversation or situation as good or bad, we can embrace it as the conditions needed for the luck to occur. This sets the stage for serendipity, for synchronicity to occur. To ready ourselves to receive the rain, the luck, we cultivate optimism and good feelings. In this way, we are optimally positioned and open for the luck and the blessings of Sadalsuud to rain upon us.

If the path before you is clear, You’re probably on someone else’s. Joseph Campbell

Uranus and Mars Shake Things Up

Direct feelings of Rebellion and Impatience into Passionate, Disciplined Effort.

Uranus (change) and Mars (the warrior) are in hard aspect to Sun/Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, creating instability and volatility. Something is ready to break up and break through. Shifts in consciousness, sudden awakenings, and public protests can easily be ignited. It is an eruptive energy that seeks liberation.

Rather than give way to feelings of anger and urgency, we are to harness their potency. With mindfulness, we can channel this energy into generative, rather than disruptive behavior. In the end, the tension created by Mars/Uranus helps us feel the immediacy of the need. We are being compelled to devise new pathways that will carry us into a future that is sustainable and gratifying.

It is Beneficial to Not have the Answers, But to Contemplate Great Questions

There are 8 planets in the fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus. Fixed signs excel at stabilizing an approach and staying on course. We may find ourselves doggedly holding onto a viewpoint or stubbornly maintaining our position, when the truth is that we need to shift and entertain something entirely new. A sudden, unexpected event may compel us to rethink our vision and long-term plan (Mars/Uranus square to the New Moon). New information can have us questioning and altering our beliefs to incorporate the truths that we are now exposed to (North Node in Gemini trine Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter).

This is not the time to tout what we know. We are to court new ideas, possibilities and information that will deepen, expand and enrich the vision that wants to take shape. We are to be curious about the questions we are asking and to boldly shape questions that take us on a grand adventure.

Don't be an interpreter of reality, be a visionary.

Don't think about it, see it!


The Aquarian Dream and The Vision Quest

The New Moon post will end with an excerpt from Jumping Mouse, an ancient story as told by Cheyenne Elder Hyemeyohsts Storm. It is said this story was told to young initiates who were about to embark on a visit quest. It brings to life the themes and opportunity embodied in this New Moon.

Once there was a Mouse.

He was a Busy Mouse, Searching Everywhere, Touching his Whiskers to the Grass, and Looking. He was Busy as all Mice are, Busy with Mice things. But Once in a while he would Hear an odd Sound. He would Lift his Head, Squinting hard to See, his Whiskers Wiggling in the Air, and he would Wonder. One Day he Scurried up to a fellow Mouse and asked him, "Do you Hear a Roaring in your Ears, my Brother?"

"No, no," answered the Other Mouse, not Lifting his Busy Nose from the Ground. "I Hear Nothing. I am Busy now. Talk to me Later."

He asked Another Mouse the same Question and the Mouse Looked at him Strangely. "Are you Foolish in your Head? What Sound?" he asked and Slipped into a Hole in a Fallen Cottonwood Tree.

The little Mouse shrugged his Whiskers and Busied himself again, Determined to Forget the Whole Matter. But there was that Roaring again. It was faint, very faint, but it was there! One Day, he Decided to investigate the Sound just a little. Leaving the Other Busy Mice, he Scurried a little Way away and Listened again. There It was! He was Listening hard when suddenly, Someone said Hello.

Hello little Brother," the Voice said, and Mouse almost Jumped right Out of his Skin. He Arched his Back and Tail and was about to Run.

"Hello," again said the Voice. "It is I, Brother Raccoon." And sure enough, It was! "What are you Doing Here all by yourself, little Brother?" asked the Raccoon. The Mouse blushed, and put his Nose almost to the Ground. "I Hear a Roaring in my Ears and I am Investigating it," he answered timidly.

"A Roaring in your Ears?" replied the Raccoon as he Sat Down with him. "What you Hear, little Brother , is the River."

"The River?" Mouse asked curiously. "What is a River?"

"Walk with me and I will Show you the River," Raccoon said...

This is the beginning of the story, when Jumping Mouse responds to a calling, a roaring in his ears. When he encounters the River, he also receives a vision, and then pursue this vision and where it leads him. It leads him to events, encounters and and experience that far outstrip anything he has ever imagined or been taught. (read the full story)

At the New Moon, we can quiet the business of our lives and our thoughts to hear the 'roaring in our ears' or the 'small clear voice in our heart'. We can formulate questions that will determine the course that our interactions, dreams and life will take us. It is time to be curious about what lies beyond what we already know and what our culture has told us is true...or possible.

We stand between an old way of living and a new one that begs to emerge. It is time for a vision quest. Let us each take time in the coming week as the moon's light increases, to contemplate, discuss, explore and open to inspiration that will help direct us towards a new way of living.

The Saturn/Uranus square exact on February 17 will create challenge. It is the first of three exact squares this year (see The Astrology of 2021 for more info). If we take the next week to set a course for a North Star - a vision of where want to head - than we will not be distracted, thrown off balance, or deterred from the course we set. We can absorb the challenges, learn from them, and be all the stronger for it.


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