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Living by The Moon Webinar

4 Week Course focused on the Moon

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  • 240 US dollars
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Service Description

A Four-Session Webinar occurring over the course of one Lunar Cycle to: *Enliven Your Relationship with the Moon. *Discover ways to engage the Moon's Phases. *Maximize the potential of the Dark Moon period. *Strengthen reflective and intuitive sensibilities. *Align with cyclical time and ancestral wisdom. Living by the Moon and attuned to cyclical time, our ancestors recognized the interconnectedness of all life and moved in tune with natural rhythms. Oriented to a lunar calendar strengthened communal and familial bonds and enhanced intuitive, reflective, and creative sensibilities. Living in the modern solar-identified world that glorifies linear time, perpetual progress and the exaltation of the individual, we have lost touch with the mysteries absorbed by the light of the Moon. This webinar will nurture the soul's yearning to come into right relationship with the natural world through an in depth exploration of La Luna. The four 80-minute sessions take place over the course of one lunar cycle. Chock-full of information, tips and insights, it is balanced by reflection, ritual and poetry as we take the steps to relearning the language of the soul that has been forgotten or marginalized. **Week One - The New Moon: ** Connect to the dark moon and prepare to set an intention for the upcoming cycle Understand a lunar-oriented life in juxtaposition to a solar-oriented life Receive the basics to building relationship with each lunar phases Identify activities that develop connection with the Moon **Week Two - The Waxing Moon** Look at the Moon in Nature with a focus to Lunar Animals and the Element of Water Receive a Moon Meditation Discover Potentialities embedded in the 8 Phases of the Moon- monthly and annually **Week Three - The Full Moon** Recognizing how the seed intention for the month has been fulfilled Rules of Thumb for Gardening Best times for certain activities such as surgery or getting a haircut The 26,000 year cosmic lunar cycle and where we are today within it Added exploration of the power of the dark moon phase **Week Four – the Waning Moon** Integrate wisdom gleaned in the recent lunar month cycle Synthesis – Putting it all together Identifying and understanding the Lunar Phase and placement in your birthchart

Cancellation Policy

There is no charge for readings, classes or events cancelled at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled time. A $35 charge is applied if cancellation is less than 48 hours of scheduled time.

Contact Details


Burnsville 9 Orchard Drive, Burnsville, NC, USA

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