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Virgo Full Moon: Seek Balance

When you see something that is broken, fix it.

When you find something that is lost, return it.

When you see something that needs to be done, do it.

In that way, you will take care of your world and repair creation.

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

The Virgo Full Moon on February 27 reminds us to not get ahead of ourselves.

Life is moving at a swift pace with all planets moving direct and multiple planets still moving through Aquarius. The New Moon two weeks ago featured 6 planets in Aquarius, including Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, which beckoned us to take time to create a vision for the future and give definition to plans for how to best fulfill our vision. Because Aquarius emphasized our mental faculties, we had a tendency live in our heads these last weeks. The Virgo Full Moon arrives as a counterbalance to the future-oriented focus and thinking.

Virgo seeks order and practical results. It thrives in the mundane, the chop wood/carry water dimension of living. We are invited to be aware of our body, to what is right in front of us, and give our full attention to each task. The Virgo Moon offers a pragmatic eye to sort, discern and work through the details of our future vision.

The sign of healing and order, Virgo invites us to the care of our bodies and daily routines. We are supported to make changes that help restore balance so we can move in better harmony with the rhythms of our nature. We may have breakthroughs in patterns and practices around self-care, as we face truths about needs our attention (Uranus trine the Moon).

Virgo seeks to serve and so are called to serve. February’s astrological dynamics inspired fantastic vision and innovation. The Virgo Moon reminds us to not skip steps or set aside our wellbeing in the name of some mission for what we want to accomplish. For instance, we may want peace in the world, but if we are not feeling at peace than our efforts to bring peace to the world around will be tainted by our personal imbalances. To serve a person or a movement we must not leave ourselves behind. First we serve ourselves so we approach service in a good way and not in a way that creates burnout, martyrdom or sickness. It is all about balance.

Some believe it is only great power

That can hold evil in check. But that

is not what I have found. It is the small things.

Every day deeds of ordinary folk

that keeps the darkness at bay.

Simple acts of kindness and love

Gandalf – The Hobbit

Inherent Challenges to

Setting Goals, Sustaining Momentum and Moving Forward

Mars trine Pluto: This powerful pairing provides the momentum, passion and determination to set goals and get the job done. Last fall, we were caught in a quagmire (Mars Retrograde). It may have seemed like we were all revved up with nowhere to go and no way through (Mars Retrograde square Pluto 3x) The fall months served to stoke the fire, make adjustments and build the momentum needed to plow the field or hitch our wagon to a rainbow. We are now green-lighted to pioneer the territory it longs to engage. We are supported by Mars in Taurus to not charge forth, but move in a sure-footed way. And, we have the stamina and endurance to go the extra mile (Mars trine Pluto).

Saturn square Uranus: February 17 marked the first of 3 exact squares we will see between these planets in 2021 It is a year-long clash between the new paradigm emerging (Uranus) and the old paradigm (Saturn) - a paradigm of living that is more entrenched than we previously imagined. We recognize our desire to change our pattern of living, but something is stuck. The roots of our current life runs deep. It is not about just lowering our head, plowing ahead, and knocking down whatever stands in our way. Nor is it about being complacent or over-engaging in activities that distract us from the mounting tension we feel. There is a challenge to be met and if we keep our vision in mind, we can discern the cues and take resolute steps towards a new future.

Mercury sandwiched between Jupiter and Saturn

Mercury plays a pivotal role as the ruler of the Virgo New Moon.

February 24, Mercury moved out of its shadow phase after completing its retrograde in Aquarius. The Retrograde fueled contemplation and review of the vision for our future. It was not a time for big decisions but for the shaping of them.

We are now primed to make decisions and lay in the course for what we want to accomplish. Mercury is pinned between the two planets of the December 21 Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn. At a balance point between Idealist Jupiter and Realist Saturn, our thinking is grounded and expansive. We can dream big while also having clarity about the practical realities we must face to give our dream legs.

Who lives in harmony with themselves

Lives in harmony with the universe.

Marcus Aurelius

Keep our Eye on the Treasure

Thuban is the Alpha Star in the constellation of Draconis. The Dragon is aligned with the Virgo Moon. The Dragon wraps itself around Polaris, the North Star. In mythological tales, dragons protect the treasure that lives deep within a cave. These age-old stories tell us that the dragon does not desire to wreak havoc and destruction, but will do so if provoked. He will guard the treasure at all costs. In this case of Draconis, the great serpent is guarding and protecting the North Star, the still-point of the night sky.

Thuban’s presence at the Full Moon invites us to remember our North Star, the point around which our lives revolve, the reason we are doing everything we are doing. We are to not sacrifice or downplay what we treasure in the name of getting the job done, meeting expectations, or pleasing another. If our family or our health is a treasure worth protecting, let us not compromise our most cherished values to handle everything else on our plate.

During World War 11, Winston Churchill was asked to cut funding for the arts in support of the war effort. He responded: Then what are we fighting for? It is likely Churchill did not actually say this, but this quote highlights the dangers of losing sight of why we are doing everything in the first place. It may seem that in times of adversity when our very survival is at stake, that everything must be measured against what will ensure our security. But when the crisis is abated, will we have lost or given away what we sought most to protect and ensure? Thuban reminds us that in challenging times all must be measured against the very things we treasure most and want to see grow and flourish.

It is in the


How you spend your mornings.

How you talk to yourself.

What you read.

What you watch.

Who you share your energy with.

Who has access to you.

That will change your life.

Michael Tonge

In Closing,

Full Moon's are a time of culmination where something comes to a head. There is intensity. Emotions run high. It can be a time of crisis and breakthrough. The message of the Virgo Moon is to give our attention to the care of the mundane. It asks us to appreciate the needs, limitations and benefits of living in a body. It asks us to remember that we live in time and space, and the constraints of this must be honored. Honor is given when we do no rush ahead but give care to everything we engage. In this way, we create harmony and well-being that then extends beyond us and carry us into a future that is a marked departure from the past.


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