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Sagittarius Full Moon: Clear View

We live in a wonderful world

that is full of beauty,

charm, and adventure.

There is no end

to the adventures

we can have

if only we seek them

with our eyes open.

Jawaharal Nehru

The Full Moon on June 3, 2023, at 13 Sagittarius

offers an expanded awareness of life and a clear vision of the path ahead that may challenge us to adjust our beliefs to align with some newfound understanding.

It is as though the lens of our perception is being wiped clean, removing debris that has been clouding our vision and thus understandings of life. With unfettered sight, we can better perceive the distinctness and definition of the contours, dimensions and shape of what is spread out before us. Lifting our gaze from mundane concerns, we can better perceive the larger context of our singular life. Beliefs and understandings may adjust in response to something we can now see that we didn’t before. Keeping a flexible and open mind, we can discern truth from that that will lead us astray. We can more easily identify what holds future potential from what we are to leave behind.

In the spirit of adventure, we are ready to discover something beyond what we already know. We may act on a desire to take a road trip, hop on an airplane, sign up for a new course of study or read a book that informs and inspires us. There is great potential for insights related to new and practical methods that will strengthen our sense of security and stability, especially if it includes ways to deepen our relationship with the earth and how to live in harmony with her great bounty.

The Nature and Spirit of The Centaur

Mars in Leo trine the Sagittarian Moon

Great Attractor conjunct The Full Moon

Ruler: Jupiter conjunct the North Node and sextile Saturn

Mercury conjunct Uranus

Pluto returns to Capricorn

The beauty of life is,

while we cannot undo what is done,

we can see it, understand it, learn from it

and change so that every new moment

is spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger

but in wisdom, understanding and love.

Jennifer Edwards

Sagittarius’ constellation is The Centaur, half Man, half horse. From the waist down, he is a horse with his four hooves planted firmly on the ground. In the night sky, The Centaur has drawn a bow, and aims his arrow into the heavens, readying to let the arrow fly. The eye of the Centaur is focused and laser sharp. His body is strong and capable as his head is raised toward the stars.

As humans, we have an animal nature that needs honoring, as we simultaneously nurture a spirit that seeks adventure, new vistas, and transformative experience. The Sagittarian Full Moon gives us an optimism to travel beyond the known to expand our awareness and discover a new kind of freedom. We can aim high if we honor our earthly nature and not see it as a hindrance to what we want to achieve.

New Avenues to Learn and Share What was Learned

Sun in Gemini oppose the Moon in Sagittarius

Our Sagittarius spirit seeks freedom and adventure, informed and guided by the conviction of our beliefs and understandings of truth and natural law. We are interested in pursuing new experiences and new technologies, have a curiosity about hearing a different viewpoint, and are open to information from new sources (Gemini Sun). The Full Moon urges us to discern what is true, relevant and useful. Gemini likes to play the field and gather a wealth of experience and information, while the Sagittarian Moon encourages us to put all the experiences together and distill the wisdom from it rather than just seeking more and more social and intellectual interaction. We are to identify the target goal and keep our eye on the bullseye so that we do not get unduly pulled into one or another distraction.

We have a new awareness around how we want to talk about our life, interests and choices in the wake of Mar’s 8-month journey in Gemini that completed in Mars. When Mars was Retrograde last fall, we were compelled to examine patterns around how we perceive and communicate our perceptions. We may feel a rekindled desire to express ourselves, write or speak about what matters to us.

We are exposed to a preponderance of information and disinformation on a regular basis. The Full Moon challenges us to alter our beliefs and understanding of truth in response to what is being revealed. This process yields a more expansive understanding about our life and what we define as essential. It is prudent to not hold tight to our tried-and-true way of seeing the world, but to nurture a desire for discovering new ways, even new paradigms around how we define ourselves and life.

We are Re-Invigorated

Mars Trine the Sagittarian Moon

Mars entering Leo boosted our sense of vitality. Our drive and libido are being turbo boosted (Mars trine the Full Moon). Last month while Mars was in Cancer, we tended to be more sensitive and self-protective. Free of Cancer’s dampening effect and the Grand Cross Mars made with Pluto and the nodal axis, we may feel a burst of creativity and desire to play. There is newfound enthusiasm for what needs to get done and we feel more empowered to be about what we have been wanting to be about.

Sometimes the Wolf Cries Girl

sometimes the hero stumbles and falls right off of the page.

sometimes the princess rolls her eyes and says "i don't want to be saved."

sometimes the dragon needs rescuing and the villain aches to be helped.

sometimes, in the darkness, the lost boy finds himself. sometimes the prince is cunning, and not at all what he seemed, sometimes the witch's kindness shows it's she who deserves to be queen.

sometimes we shouldn't define people by someone else's point of view

just because it's what we've been told, doesn't make it true.

Sion Wilmot

Big Perspective

Sagittarius conjunct the Great Attractor

Since the Big Bang, the universe is perpetually expanding at 1.4 million miles per hour! Take a moment and just try to fathom this. Our galaxy, and 100,000 of our neighboring galaxies, are not moving at that speed because of the gravitational pull they experience coming from The Great Attractor, a supercluster with the mass of a quadrillion suns.

The astrological community attributes the Full Moon’s alignment with the Great Attractor as a cosmic hookup, amplifying our intuitive wisdom and precognitive sensibilities, where we can see what is coming around the next bend. Our perception expands to see our lives in the context of a much larger, even cosmic perspective. We open to the eternal, to the larger reality of our life that exists within an ever creative, expanding universe that began 13 billion years ago. Contemplating our eternal soul, we may see our life differently when we recognize that our entire life span is but a brief moment in the scheme of our soul’s journey throughout all time.

As I contemplate the Great Attractor, I am drawn back to the image of the Centaur, half animal and have human. We have a spirit that seeks to soar, discover and grow in awareness much like the ever expanding, creative energy that originated with the Big Bang. Like the effect of the Great Attractor on the galaxy we inhabit, we succumb to the gravity of the earth’s pull and our animal nature that slows us down. Our body, our animal nature needs to be honored as we seek to balance our yearnings for both stability and growth. And like the Centaur, the pursuit of adventure to discover something beyond what we already know is best achieved when we are grounded in time and space. Our physical nature also allows for the integration and the embodiment of our adventures and discoveries. This is all a bit esoteric, but well then, so is Sagittarius which is sometimes known as the Philosopher or the Sage.

Reimagining the Foundation/Rebuilding

Full Moon Ruler: Jupiter

Jupiter, planet of growth, entered Taurus last month where it will remain for a full year. It is currently one of four planets in Taurus. There is great potential for growth in how we define and achieve stability and a life that we value. There is a new vision for how to create sustainability that is rooted in our relationship with the earth. We are to recognize the value, aliveness and sacredness of nature and act accordingly (Jupiter conjunct North Node).

As Ruler of the Full Moon, Jupiter’s message is that great insight and understanding can be gained in seeking knowledge and understanding around our inherent relationship with the earth. It is not about trying to transcend our earthly nature or discover ways to minimize it, but to embrace it. Great gifts are found in this.

Saturn sextile the Sagittarian Full Moon. Our confidence to build what we are ready to build is given an added boost. Saturn, in Pisces for the next two years, is prodding us to get clear on what matters most, which includes a spiritual orientation and perspective. As part of this process, we will come to see what aspects of our life have run their course and come to release them in a good way. A cycle of living is coming to a close and we are in a preparation phase for the emergence of the next cycle. Both Saturn and Neptune in Pisces are announcing the end of an era. Our work is to recognize what parts of our life, identity, beliefs or dreams are not part of the new cycle. This is a time where we can embrace the endings so that we can experience a rebirth and re-invigoration of our life’s potential.

Flashes of Insight and Innovate Thought

Mercury conjunct Uranus

Mercury, having recently moved beyond the shadow phase of its recent Retrograde, is picking up speed, and has run headlong into Uranus. Their meeting is electric. We may receive some unexpected news or information about some truth that has been hidden from us. We can also experience lightening quick revelations. Our mind is invigorated and, with both planets in Taurus, we can get the most mileage when we focus our attention on practical solutions around plans we want to realize.

What you see depends on what you are looking for.

Helen Keller

Update on Pluto

Since March 23 when Pluto first dipped its toe into Aquarius for the first time in 248 years, we have had a taste of the transformational movement that will take place as Pluto moves through Aquarius. But for now, Pluto has turned Retrograde and will leave Aquarius and re-enter Capricorn on June 11. It will remain in Capricorn until January 2024 when Pluto will re-enter and remain in Aquarius for 20 years!

For the remainder of 2023, Pluto is finishing up its work in Capricorn to destabilize structures that are not viable and expose societal systems and leaders that lack integrity. More is likely to surface about what has been kept from the public eye. Truths coming to light may further disrupt and futher destabilize governments, institutions, financial systems and the housing market. Pluto’s 15 years in Capricorn has effectively seen the deconstruction of the status quo to make room for the rebuilding of a different social order when Pluto moves through Aquarius.

The United States' Identity Crisis

The Full Moon Conjunct the Ascendant of the United States. The Ascendant represents the identity of a country – the way it seeks to be perceived and the way it is actually perceived. In the U.S., the Full Moon is likely to further heat up conversations around themes of truth, honesty, justice and the law as the country continues to move through its own identify crisis.

The U.S. is in the midst of its Pluto Return. Pluto has returned, for the first time, to the same place it was when the country was founded in 1776. With Pluto in the 2nd house of the U.S. birthchart, the country is asked to align with the values that founded the country. This produces and identity crisis and a profound transformational process. Currently, there is a lack of agreement about what the values that define the country. There is disagreement and polarization around how to interpret and understand the Constitution. The second house also rules the economy, geography and financial systems. These areas are going through breakdown so that the country can experience a rebirth of its own identity, values and commitment to democracy. This of course is the potential. There is also great risk that democracy could be lost if the country is unable to move with courage and integrity through the transformative process that only comes around once every 248 years.

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