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Leo New Moon: Devotion

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Love is the bridge between you and everything.


The New Moon on July 28, 2022 at 5 Leo fires up our loving nature,

inviting us to be unabashedly wholehearted in expressing what lights us up.

We are invited to practice self-love by generously sharing what is in our hearts and letting ourselves be seen. As we turn the corner into August, we may receive some unexpected news or experience a turn of events that compels us to alter our course in a substantive way. This New Moon invites us to ground ourselves in the potency of our love and let it be the rudder that guides us - so that we are not ensnared in the amplifying of fear and anxiety that can so easily be roused when we get overly identified with any of the many problems that plague the 21st century. In doing this, we will feel lighter and able to access the creativity and imagination that will help us successfully navigate the unexpected.

Let Love Inspire us to Devotion

Jupiter stationing retrograde square the New Moon

There is an amplification of Jupiter’s innate tendency to foster growth and expansion as Jupiter stations at 8 Aries. We are egged on to embrace the New Moon invitation with gusto - bolstered with the courage to no hold ourselves back. We are pulled out of complacency and out of the desire to protect our heart. We feeling a kind of calling to be devotional - to dedicate ourselves to what we love and to tend to our heart’s desire. Engaging the world with confidence, we are more open to seeing opportunities and discovering resources we hadn’t seen before.

A man is not where he lives

But where he loves

Latin Proverb

Where Devotional Love is Building for Each of Us

The house the New Moon occupies in our natal charts offers insight as to the areas where our love wants to be expressed as never before.

The house where Jupiter has stationed at 8 Aries in our natal charts reveals the area of our life that is stirring our courage, confidence and ability to trust ourselves in a new way.

Jupiter is in Aries (May 2022 - May 2023). Jupiter's yearlong sojourn in this fiery sign is igniting our passion and burning away what stands in the way of the confidence to align with that passion. We are integrating past experiences to come present to our heart's desire and the movement we want to initiate in our lives. We are feeling less tentative and more pioneering and adventurous.

We may feel a potent surge of ingenuity, creativity or great enthusiasm if we have planets in our natal charts between 5-9 and degrees of Sagittarius (planets we have at these degrees in Sagittarius form a grand trine with the New Moon and Jupiter). This burst of enthusiasm is also true, perhaps to a lesser degree, if we have planets in Aries and Leo between 5-9 degrees.

A Pause Allows Enthusiasm to Build

We may find ourself in a state of pause - where our enthusiasm is mounting but we feel no clear signal to take action. Jupiter stationing and turning retrograde may afford us a period of time to allow the enthusiasm and courage to build within us in preparation for moving resolutely forward. This affords us time to integrate lessons and experiences of recent years so that we can fully align with who we are and what we want.

Be the love

you never received.

Rune Lazuli