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Leo New Moon: Devotion

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Love is the bridge between you and everything.


The New Moon on July 28, 2022 at 5 Leo fires up our loving nature,

inviting us to be unabashedly wholehearted in expressing what lights us up.

We are invited to practice self-love by generously sharing what is in our hearts and letting ourselves be seen. As we turn the corner into August, we may receive some unexpected news or experience a turn of events that compels us to alter our course in a substantive way. This New Moon invites us to ground ourselves in the potency of our love and let it be the rudder that guides us - so that we are not ensnared in the amplifying of fear and anxiety that can so easily be roused when we get overly identified with any of the many problems that plague the 21st century. In doing this, we will feel lighter and able to access the creativity and imagination that will help us successfully navigate the unexpected.

Let Love Inspire us to Devotion

Jupiter stationing retrograde square the New Moon

There is an amplification of Jupiter’s innate tendency to foster growth and expansion as Jupiter stations at 8 Aries. We are egged on to embrace the New Moon invitation with gusto - bolstered with the courage to no hold ourselves back. We are pulled out of complacency and out of the desire to protect our heart. We feeling a kind of calling to be devotional - to dedicate ourselves to what we love and to tend to our heart’s desire. Engaging the world with confidence, we are more open to seeing opportunities and discovering resources we hadn’t seen before.

A man is not where he lives

But where he loves

Latin Proverb

Where Devotional Love is Building for Each of Us

The house the New Moon occupies in our natal charts offers insight as to the areas where our love wants to be expressed as never before.

The house where Jupiter has stationed at 8 Aries in our natal charts reveals the area of our life that is stirring our courage, confidence and ability to trust ourselves in a new way.

Jupiter is in Aries (May 2022 - May 2023). Jupiter's yearlong sojourn in this fiery sign is igniting our passion and burning away what stands in the way of the confidence to align with that passion. We are integrating past experiences to come present to our heart's desire and the movement we want to initiate in our lives. We are feeling less tentative and more pioneering and adventurous.

We may feel a potent surge of ingenuity, creativity or great enthusiasm if we have planets in our natal charts between 5-9 and degrees of Sagittarius (planets we have at these degrees in Sagittarius form a grand trine with the New Moon and Jupiter). This burst of enthusiasm is also true, perhaps to a lesser degree, if we have planets in Aries and Leo between 5-9 degrees.

A Pause Allows Enthusiasm to Build

We may find ourself in a state of pause - where our enthusiasm is mounting but we feel no clear signal to take action. Jupiter stationing and turning retrograde may afford us a period of time to allow the enthusiasm and courage to build within us in preparation for moving resolutely forward. This affords us time to integrate lessons and experiences of recent years so that we can fully align with who we are and what we want.

Be the love

you never received.

Rune Lazuli

Be Open to A Sudden Change of Direction

T Square in Fixed signs

Mercury square Mars/Uranus/North Node square Saturn

Key words:

  • Flexibility to Respond to the Unexpected

  • Allowing Ourselves Be Seen and not Withholding our Love

  • Openness to changing Plans or Perspective

  • Embracing Change as an Opportunity not a Problem

  • Fostering Courage to Stand in What makes our Heart Sing

Below, in five sections, I unpack the complex, intense and powerful dynamic between the 4 planets and nodal axis of the T-Square that are sparking unexpected and needed change.

The changes that are instigated at this time may at first may appear to upset the balance of our lives. Sudden and unexpected events are actually breaking up the stagnation that exists from holding on to a way of living that no longer serves us.

1. The Yearning to Stabilize what we Have

may not be Aligned with what is Actually Sustainable

Six planets along with the nodal axis are in fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo). Fixed signs look to stabilize and to stay the course in the face of circumstance. Currently, there is a friction, a dynamic tension between them, indicating that it is less about holding steady and more about being open to learning and adjusting the course we have laid out for ourselves.

We are naturally inclined to stand firm in our beliefs and plans at this time in the face of whatever challenges we encounter (multiple planets in fixed signs). Yet the dynamic tension between these planets is seeking release and breakthrough compelling us to face where we have become rigid or stuck in our ways. Unexpected jolts, truths, or circumstances will require that we adapt and not did in our heels. We may come to see how the life we have created or want to create is not sustainable. We are being pushed to discover new ways of living and to have goals that are aligned with a future that is sustainable

2. Liberation from Pursuing the Unsustainable

A Rare Triple Conjunction between Mars, Uranus and the North Node at 18 Taurus

Mars, Uranus and the North Node have not been together in the sky since 324 BC ( the last year of Alexander the Great’s life and empire).

New information or a sudden event may jolt us. There is an element of surprise and an inclination for something hidden to be unleashed - like a geyser when the capstone is removed. Truths and vitality that have been trapped, or held down, is being released.

This great conjunction is the peak moment of 2022. It will be exact on August 1 and holds a promise of acting as an ignition point for changes in our thoughts, beliefs and plans that will transpire throughout the remainder of 2022. This energy is mounting through the first weeks of August and culminates on August 11 (Full Moon square Uranus/North Node). If we are grounded in our heart and the desire to love, we can then better recognize disruption and unexpected information as necessary agents for generative change.

Earth Changes

2018-2026 Uranus (Change) in Taurus (Earth)

Taurus is the earth and all we associated with earth, most notably our resources: financial, agricultural, and mining. Changes are expected to continue to unfold in these areas accompanied by further volatility and also ingenuity to create a different way. Areas we can expect to see substantive and even radical change are:

Currency - the stock market, banking, interest rates, real estate, cryptocurrency and the stock market

Food – corporate farming, GMOs, crop production, land allocation, livestock (especially cattle), food distribution

Mining – oil, gas, coal, nickel, copper, uranium

Earthquakes – This can be metaphoric and literal as the earth we stand on is being shaken up.

Crisis and the perception of scarcity in the areas named above will increasingly reveal how our current ‘world order’ is not sustainable. The growing conjunction between Mars, Uranus and the North Node, exact on August 1 can accelerate the breakdown of current ways of operating, compelling us to create new ways of living. The value for increased growth, expansion and consumption will be exposed more and more as a self-destructive path. the North Node in Taurus is cuing us to nurture the value for a simpler way of living that honors the land and our inherent relationship to the earth.

Where 18 degrees Taurus Lands in our Natal Chart

The house and planets that interact with 18 Taurus will show us where we are restless, seeking freedom and where we can expect to experience a shake up. There is something we have outgrown and need to release. We may very well not be the initiator of the change with Uranus at the helm. Our sense of safety and what has us feel secure may receive a jolt. There is a restlessness and urge for freedom and for a sense of security that is not based in a fantasy we have sold ourselves. While events may happen on the world stage, we may be more directly effected in our personal lives to let go of what no longer serves us so we can reach towards a new and more fulfilling future. Uranus will remain at 18 degrees Taurus through October providing a sustained stimulation to this degree point in the sky and in our lives.

You know that the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest? …

The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”

David Whyte

3. Free to Speak our Mind and

Free to Learn Something New

Mercury in Leo

Joyfully share what lights us up with love. Release inhibition and let our ideas and perspectives. Speak openly about the dream we are dreaming.

Mercury square Uranus/Mars/North Node, oppose Saturn

Allow new information and new ideas to adjust our perspective. If we stubbornly stick to our viewpoint, plan or dream we may become increasingly anxious and stressed. By freely sharing what has deep meaning for us, we naturally invite the world into a dialogue. We can allow others to contribute and open us to new, different an unexpected ways of looking at something.

Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter and Chiron

We are encouraged to think big and to be creative in our thinking. We also need to look at ways to unlearn what we have been taught, shift our thinking and not just go on as we always have. We need to own what we are choosing now to think, to believe, to love, and to express into the world.

4. Open to Moving in a New Direction

Mars/Uranus in Taurus at apex of a T square with Saturn and Mercury

We may be feeling restless, even rebellious, as if something is unnecessarily restraining or holding us back. We may be prompted to pivot quickly and make some internal shift in our thinking to absorb and move in response to a sudden announcement. Something may appear completely out of left field - something we had not considered at all. We may wrestle with not feeling in control. If we can trust that what is appearing is what needs to appear in our lives, than the stress, anger and frustration can dissipate some. It is important we stand up and voice what is true for us at each turn. This is a set up for angry words, heated conversations and a desire to buck authority. Again, if we align with love and speak about what we love, than the change in direction that wants to happen can happen in a smoother and less tumultuous way.

5. Breaking Up Rigidity

Saturn square Uranus/Mars/North Node and opposes Mercury

The impulse to stabilize our life (Saturn) may have us initially digging in our heals or feel frozen, unwilling to acknowledge the need for a change. Similarly, we may be stuck in some limited way of seeing as we are challenged to open our minds and look at an issue from a different perspective. We may be suspicious of change, wanting to stick with what we already know and what we are already dedicated to seeing through. If we block or try to thwart the change has presented itself, we may find ourselves at a standstill. Information may come forth to break us out of our locked perspective or rigid belief about something. Life is pressuring us to soften our stance and open to something that has been knocking on the door of our consciousness mind. We are simply to let it in.

The New Moon offers us a powerful way to stand in love – in self love and for what we love. to honor what is in our hearts is to give ourselves a trustworthy rudder that will guide us through the changes that we need to make in our thinking and our lives.

Let yourself be silently drawn

by the stronger pull of what you truly love.

It will not lead you astray.


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Rebecca Carina
Rebecca Carina
Jul 31, 2022

Beautiful guidance as we all face challenging times. Thank you.

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