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Gemini Full Moon: Our View Expands

 Stay hungry, stay young,

stay foolish, stay curious,

and above all, stay humble

because just when you think

you got all the answers,

is the moment when

some bitter twist of

fate in the universe

will remind you

that you very much


Tom Hiddleston

Gemini Full Moon: words create and take flight

The Full Moon on November 27, 2023 at 5 Gemini

offers us a new way to see something previously overlooked. We are to counter an increased tendency to jump from one thing to another or take short cuts by slowing down and giving focus to each task, tending to one detail at a time. If we simply trust the gut impulse and unquestioningly trust our earned wisdom, we may miss a vital piece of information or set ourselves up to repeat something that we have already done before. Rather than pigeonhole ourselves by being rigid with the definitions and beliefs that guide us, we can look at life fresh, with wonder, and be open to seeing something that we don't already know. 

Mutable T Square with 7 Planets in Mutable Signs

Gemini Moon oppose the Sun, Mars, Ceres conjunction

Full Moon Ruler: Mercury square Neptune, sextile Venus, & trine the North Node

Saturn square the Full Moon, Mars and Ceres

Water Grand Trine with Saturn, Vesta and Athena

Full Moons are the peak moment of each lunar cycle, when something in our life reaches a culmination point. There is a feeling of increased momentum, activity and pressure in the days leading up to the Full Moon. At the Full Moon, emotions and tides run high. Somethingis coming to a head through a crisis or breakthrough, and a desired resolution can be achieved. During the two weeks following the Full Moon, we are completing a movement, a cycle and distilling the wisdom from the recent lunar month, so we are ready for the invitation of the next New Moon.  For those of us with planets at 0 – 6 degrees of a Mutable Sign (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo), we will feel the intensity of the Gemini Full Moon potentials more than others.

Gemini Full Moon: Be Curious and Open to Learn Something New

Wisdom begins in wonder. 


Life is Malleable, Easy to Shape and Reshape

Mutable T Square with 7 Planets in Mutable Signs


Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) denote adaptability. It is easier to exercise flexibility, and be willing to make adjustments in response to new information (multiple planets in mutable signs). 


On the day of the Full Moon, the Moon enters Gemini and moves into a stressful aspect with four planets in Sagittarius (Sun, Mars, Mercury, Ceres) and the two planets that are slowly moving through Pisces (Saturn and Neptune). If we have planets in our natal charts between 0 and 6 degrees of a mutable sign (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) or between 21 and 26 degrees of a mutable sign, we are more likely to feel scattered, or find ourselves flip flopping from one perspective to another. There is a strong tendency to multi-task but an equally strong tendency to feel mentally frayed from the activity.


Virgo is the one mutable sign not occupied by a planet and thus becomes the missing energetic to to be included so that we can have a measure of balance and clarity. Rather than let the mutable energy take us for a ride, we are to counter it by slowing ourselves down, so that we can be selective about where we give our attention. We are to act with discernment and pay attention to details (Virgo attributes).  We want to be thorough and do our best to complete one task before hopping to the next.

Be the Tortoise, not the Hare. The heavy Sagittarian, Gemini influence can easily have us darting about, jumping from one things to the next, to the point that we may forget what we originally set out to accomplish. Rather than identifying with the Hare, we can appraoch the day as the Turtle adoping the Virgo approach. Rather than scattering our energy, we slow down, are mindful of what is right in front of us and be deliberate with each step we take.


The remainder of the newsletter explores the planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius), and how to best harness and utlize the dynamic energies and potentials

Beginner's Mind; Seeing Life with Fresh Eyes

The Gemini/Sagittarius Polarity

The Sun is directly opposite the Moon at a Full Moon inviting a resolution of the inherent tension found in the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity. Both Gemini and Sagittarius esteem facts and appreciate knowledge. They value fluidity, the freedom to follow what inspires and seek an adventure that offers a new experience where something is learned that wasn't known before.

Gemini is insatiably curious and uses communication as a form of exchange. For Gemini, the search for new experiences and information is insatiable and an end in itself. Sagittarius is also eager to learn but rather than just gathering more and more experiences, it seeks to integrate all that has been learned into a philosophy, a set of beliefs, that then gives rise to an inner guidance system.

 The Full Moon challenges our beliefs and our informed opinions around a project or approach to something. It serves us to exercise humility about what we think we know and actively open to what we do not yet know. Not everything is what it appears to be and we are prodded to review the facts and collect more information. There is something that has been obscured or covered up tis now available to us. We are to generously give ourselves time to make sure we have all the pieces we need so that we can clearly see the big picture.

The Gemini Moon shines a light on facts and on the media. As new information is divulged, we better understand how and why things have been communicated the way they were and what was missing. Before we put all the pieces together and make a decision or set a course, we are encouraged to pause and make sure we have all the correct information and that the details have been fleshed out.

Gemini is the storyteller. We are prodded to take a good look at the story we are thinking and speaking about our life and the world around. There are things we have learned over the last months (Saturn in Pisces) that have us seeing things from a different perspective. We can make new and empowered choices that positively shape and uplift the narrative we are weaving about our life.

Gemini, as the Sign of the Twins, appreciates duality in that it enjoys the back and forth of a conversation, taking one side and then the other, and looking at something from different vantage points. Embracing the Gemini spirit, we can be open and curious about a different way of telling the story we want to tell. By listening and engaging in generative dialogue, we can arrive at new understandings that enrich the story we are telling and futher set us up for success. In this, we recognize the creative power of our thoughts, our words, and what is generated through conversation.

Gemini Full Moon: Cat talking to llamas. Talk with those who have differing views and be enriched.

There is nothing noble

in being superior

to your fellow [hu]man;

true nobility

is being superior

to your former self.

Ernest Hemingway

Shifts of Perception

Sun, Mars, Ceres in Sagittarius oppose Gemini Moon

We have the stamina, motivation and strength to make headway with some endeavor (Mars conjunct the Sun most of November). The exact conjunction between Mars and the Sun was on November 17 at 24 Scorpio. Mars has now moved just behind the Sun giving us add incentive to keep going and to keep up the momentum. We feel like we are being guided forward and are inclined stand strong in what we know (Sun, Mars, Mercury, Ceres in Sagittarius). We have a beliefs about what will best nurture our lives, dreams and the world around (Ceres in Sagittarius) Yet, we are to remain open to considering new information, not in the vein of using it to reinforce our beliefs, but with a readiness to alter our perception. (Gemini Moon opposing planets in Sagittarius).

Four planets in Sagittarius inspires us to expand our horizons and move beyond what we can confidently handle. We are more inclined to venture into the unknown, to explore and gain first hand experience of something new. There is a buoyant optimism, a desire to learn. There is also a desire to share and even defend our knowledge and beliefs. The Gemini Moon guides us to lean into the desire to explore, listen and learn over the desire to teach or persuade others.

Both Sagittarius and Gemini, as mutable signs, are agile and adaptable, willing to adjust to circumstances. We may feel restless and give ourselves to spontaneity. We may wish to travel, exert our independence and exercise a newfound sense of freedom. This may be just what we need! - as long as we do not choose this as an escape or avoidance of something.

On the Shadow side, if we do not heed the Gemini Moon invitation, we can become dogmatic and rigid in our beliefs. We can have strong opinions and feel the need to fight or argue for them. Religious fanaticism may be fueled. We can feel compelled to stand on a soap box and assert the truth as we know it. It is essential that we listen, invite an open exchange, and not just use discussion as a means to argue and justify our own viewpoint. 

Imagination is Amplified, Rationality is Not

Full Moon Ruler: Mercury in Sagittarius exactly square with Neptune

Our imagination and creative energy is heightened. We are less rational, but have potential for success with artistic pursuits, receiving a message in a dream, or experiencing a spiritual opening. Our mind is flexible and open to subtlety. Boundaries are more fluid and so we can easily see things from another angle. The mind is reflective, penetrating and insightful. But we should take our time with tasks that require attention to detail or analytical thought. We may benefit us to take added time throughout December before making any big decision.

Mercury Retrograde (December 13 – January 2 / 8 Capricorn to 22 Sagittarius)

Mercury is prominent at the Full Moon and for the rest of December. It recently entered the Shadow Phase - it is going over an area in the sky that it will cross back over two more times, after it turns Retrograde and again when it moves forward. It may take some time for our mind to wrap itself around new awarenesses that show us that something wasn't what we had once made it up to be. We are letting go of an old way of seeing something that we were confident we saw rightly. We need to give ourself time to integrate new understandings before acting on them.

Mercury Square Neptune reinforces the invitation of the Full Moon by announcing that things may not be what they seem. There may be missing parts to the story, to the plan, to the full picture understanding of something. We may sense that something is off and that more will be revealed. It will greatly serve us to acknowledge to ourselves that we may not have the full story and to pay attention for the details that will reveal themselves (over the next weeks and up until the first week of January when Mercury moves direct and exactly squares Neptune for a second time). If we sense something is off, it probably is. If we think there is more to the story, there probably is. During December, we can anticipate that lies, deceptions and untruths will be exposed on the world stage and in our lives. We are invited to come to terms with where our mind has been led astray.

Gemini Full Moon: Conversation and the exchange of stories and ideas enriches us all.

There are two circumstances

that lead to arrogance:

one is when you're wrong

and you can't face it;

the other is when you're right

and nobody else can face it.

Criss Jami


Slow Down to Deeply Consider our Next Move

Saturn square The Full Moon, Sun, Mars, Ceres

Saturn restrains. Its influence curbs spontaneous and impulsive expression. We can feel Saturn’s influence as inhibiting us, yet with the dynamics of the New Moon, Saturn’s presence is benefecial. We are supported in staying focused, mindful of our words and conscious of the story we are weaving. Mars in Sagittarius typically shoots from the hip, speaking spontaneously and voicing one’s intuitive wisdom as the truth. Harnessed by Saturn, we are more inclined to think things through and be more accountable for opinions and beliefs we espouse. We will weigh whether to speak or not as we consider if our words will offer a valuable contribution to a conversation. We will discerning, evaluating whether what we have to express will further confuse and amplify polarity or if our efforts engender a movement towards clarity and resolution. Saturn is the authority and prods us to exercise our inner authority. In some cases, we may restrain ourselves in response to a watchful external authority.


Mars square Saturn will continue through November. 

Mars: the drive and the impetus for resolute, dynamic action. 

Saturn: inhibits or restrains.

What we feel the drive to move forward (Mars) is likely to be thwarted in some way (Saturn), cuing us to slow down, not seek forward action, but to give concentrated focus and consideration around what we seek to accomplish  Rather than getting  frustrated, angry or willfull, we can be curious as to why a barrier has been erected that prevents a smooth and easy path forward.

If we take things a step at a time, not get ahead ourselves, we can apply what we have learned to shift the dynamic. Something may need to shift so that we do not repeat something we have done before. We may be ready to shift a codependent relationship pattern or a fear-based way we have engaged our finances (Venus conjunct the Libra South Node and quincunx Uranus). We can access our intuition and a spiritual perspective as we make choices for how to move forward (Saturn and Neptune in Pisces).


Guided by Divine Perspective

Water Grand Trine with Saturn, Vesta and Pallas Athena

Our sensitivity and intuition are heightened. 

Saturn looks to structure, ground and stabilize. 

The Asteroid Vesta is the Sacred Flame and the one that tends the Sacred Flame. 

The Asteroid Pallas Athena protects and defends what holds great value. 

These three celestial bodies are working in synergy, supporting us to align with what is most sacred to us. We are then to allow what we cherish most to be our North Star - a guiding light that informs our priorities and the choices we make. By looking to ground and make real what we have determined is sacred, we become emboldened to continually nurture and bring ourselves ever closer to what we hold most dear. The Gemini Moon tells us that there is new information available to us that will have us better define our North Star and move towards it in an ever more beautiful way.

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